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An excellent way to build tension in fiction is to keep the reader


An excellent way to build tension in fiction is to keep the reader? ... Knowles builds tension in Chapter One by making readers wonder about the source of ...

How to Build Tension and Heighten the Stakes | WritersDigest.com


Nov 17, 2010 ... The stakes in fiction matter because stakes create tension. ... The unexpected unsettles readers, keeps the story from lagging and gives the story ... the character, from motivations or sources that push her to act in certain ways. .... A good blog always comes-up with new and exciting information and while ...

How to Create Tension in a Story | Now Novel


In novels tension keeps readers turning pages. ... There are a number of ways to structure your novel to ensure that you have points of rising conflict throughout. ... house over a weekend is a good example of using both of these constraints.

How to Create Tension in Writing | Now Novel


Learning how to create tension in writing is important whether you are a thriller or ... might seem to be the key to creating suspense and keeping your reader's interest, ... These are all excellent ways to heighten tension in a novel, and some  ...

9 Ways to Create Tension in a Mystery Novel | Global Mysteries


Aug 18, 2010 ... What keeps a reader turning pages in a mystery novel? Tension. A good mystery writer incites worry, stress, anxiety, pressure, apprehension and ... Posted in Mystery novels, Writing and Writers | Tags: how to write tension, .... 10 things a Mystery Writer Should Know 9 Ways to Create Tension in a Mystery ...

Writing Fiction: 10 Ways To Keep Readers Hooked | WTD


By writing a good story, of course! The drama within the ... in virtually every genre. Here are 10 proven ways to writing fiction that will keep your reader hooked: ... A forecast can build suspense if it foreshadows a fateful event. I thought the worst ...

How to Create Suspense in Fiction: 12 Steps (with Pictures)


Therefore, all successful fiction needs to create suspense to keep the reader interested. ... A good way to add to the protagonist's problems is with a contagonist.

8 Effective Ways To Write Page-Turning Tension For Your Novel ...


It's what grips the reader, what keeps them hanging on from page to page ... eight different ways to incorporate tension into your writing and get readers ... A good way to identify or choose the best stakes is to look at the protagonist's ... It also helps keeps your protagonist busy and off-balance while the antagonist builds ...

41 Ways to Create and Heighten Suspense - Ian Irvine


Clearly, suspense is a vital tool, yet most books on writing only mention it in ... To build suspense, make your readers worry about all the ways your hero's plans could ... you fail to keep your promises, your readers will feel disappointed, if not betrayed ... It can be a good person who strongly disagrees with the hero, a force ...

How to Make Readers Feel Emotion | The Editor's Blog


Jan 30, 2011 ... There are techniques, tips, to create emotion in a reader, to make them ... Writer and reader know the fictional events aren't real, but the ... Character action and response is a good place to focus. ... Death or injury aren't the only ways to hurt your characters. .... Keep the reader engaged by making her fee...