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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia
Order: Crocodilia Family: Crocodylidae Genus: Crocodylus
The Crocodile is a large aquatic reptile that lives throughout the Tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Crocodiles tend to congregate in freshwater habitats like rivers, lakes, wetlands and sometimes in brackish water
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All crocodiles are tropical species that unlike alligators, are very sensitive to cold. ..... Since crocodile anatomy has changed only slightly for the last 80 million ...

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Anatomy: Adult American Crocodiles are gray-green, dark olive, or grayish-brown on their back which has ridged, bony scales. The belly is yellow to white and ...

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Watch me dissect a Nile crocodile and put it back together digitally!

Anatomy & Physiology


Anatomy & Physiology. An alligator and American crocodile swim by eachother. As a crocodilian, the American Crocodile is generally similar to the alligator, ...

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While today's crocodiles and many crocodylomorphs achieved their erect stance through a hole in the hip socket, the rauisuchians, an extremely ancient group ...

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Jun 4, 2015 ... Did you know a crocodile can manoeuvre itself underwater like a plane? Join Sam Hume to learn more about the anatomy of this wily predator.

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A crocodile juvenile floating In general, the body form of crocodilians is "lizard- like". They have a long tail and the limbs are short and straddled sideways from ...

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Head Anatomy. The jaw and snout of a crocodile are long and relatively slender. This shape lends itself well to rapid closure. Much of the bite force is generated ...

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Crocodiles are bestowed with a special heart anatomy different to other reptiles like lizards, tortoises, and snakes. The hearts of other reptiles are designed to ...

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The body of the crocodile is extremely complex which is one of the main reasons why researchers really find it a challenge to learn all about it.

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What are the major differences between crocodiles and alligators? Alligators ( and caimans) have wide "U"-shaped, rounded snouts, ... Crocodilian anatomy ...

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(non-Flash) How well can crocodiles see? Do they have ears? Find the answers to these and other questions and get to know the anatomy of a croc from snout ...

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May 24, 2012 ... A supposedly distinct kind of African dwarf crocodile from the upper Congo River Basin, named ... Ok, enough preamble, on with the anatomy

Pulmonary anatomy in the Nile crocodile and the evolution of - PeerJ


Mar 26, 2013 ... Schachner ER, Hutchinson JR, Farmer C. (2013) Pulmonary anatomy in the Nile crocodile and the evolution of unidirectional airflow in ...