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The guppy (Poecilia reticulata), also known as millionfish and rainbow fish, is one of the world's ..... Pregnant female guppies have enlarged and darkened gravid spots near their anal vents. Ju...

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However, one pregnant guppy can quickly provide you with more fish than you might want to handle. There's a reason why this fish species is nicknamed, "The ...

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A female guppy's pregnancy usually lasts four to six weeks. ... Guppies are among the easiest fish to mate, and a guppy can produce several broods from a ...

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The danger of keeping it with other fish is the possibility that the prolapse ... Their organs are placed differently than the males because of this, ...

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Sep 16, 2014 ... She obviously came pregnant from the fish store, pregnant with ... I have been breeding guppies for a while and the breeder box usually ...

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[Archive] Discuss livebearers, such as platies, guppies and mollies in here. ... Platy Problems (But the rest of my fish seem fine!) ... Just to make sure ,are my guppies pregnant ? ... Age of Guppies for breeding · Livebearer, anatomy information · Can you just keep males guppies together · Guppy Fry · Male ...

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Often, female live bearing fish drop their fry at night; they get eaten before first ... They are not pregnant, its just their internal organs. ... Hi, Thanks for sharing, and yes my other guppies also have black spot but never growing or to be pregnant.

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Physical description: The guppy is an elongated fish that is available in many different color and pattern variations. The mouth is ... The female is larger and when pregnant, has dark spot on abdomen. Breeding ... Introduction · Fish Anatomy

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Information about platy fish, their care and breeding. ... including several other well known aquarium species, such as Molly, Guppy and Swordtail. ... A fat female Platy are most likely pregnant and you can expect offspring ... Fish Anatomy

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That is heavily pregnant, where her stomach has a box shape to it and has a .... If the female guppy is only holding a few fry, she may drop them at this time. ... organs (often the lungs or swim bladder) not developing properly.

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Female guppies can get pregnant as early as one month old in a warm tank, ... female may eat her own fry, and guppy fry are a delicacy to many other fish.

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Question 2: Is my guppy pregnant? Where is ... The spot, under the fish's tail, is like a stained-glass window where the fry come out. ... Pregnant Red Female ... He cannot inseminate females until his gonopodium ( see Anatomy ) is developed.

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May 4, 2016 ... The sex of the guppy can be confirmed by examining the fish's body ... If your female guppy is pregnant, her body may look boxy or stuffed and ...