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Early Chinese cartography


Concrete evidence of the existence of maps in ancient China dates back to the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). The three ...

Ancient China Maps, Maps of Ancient China - China Highlights


A list of the maps in different dynasties of China's history to show you the locations of the ancient China.

The Shang Dynasty Map - Ancient China Maps - China Highlights


The map of ancient Shang Dynasty shows China's territory during the Shang Dynasty. The Shang dynasty began with the reign of Tang and ended with the fall of ...

The Qin Dynasty Map - Ancient China Maps - China Highlights


The Map of the Qin Dynasty shows the area under the rule of the Qin Dynasty. Click the map to enlarge it. The Qin Dynasty was the shortest reigning dynastic ...

Kids History: Geography of Ancient China - Ducksters


Map showing the geography of China from cia.gov (click map to see larger picture). Rivers Perhaps the two most important geographical features of Ancient  ...

China Map / Geography of China / Map of China - Worldatlas.com


Printable map of China and info and links to China facts, famous natives, landforms, ... becoming China's first dynasty - according to ancient historical records.

Ancient China, 1523—221 B.C.


Ancient China, 1523–221 B.C.. DIRECTIONS. Mountain chains, vast deserts,. and large seas prevented the. spread of ideas and goods to. ancient China.

Historical Maps of China - Edmaps.com


Historical Maps of China. MAP COLLECTIONS. Ancient China Maps · China Dinasty Maps (Beatrice and Paul Noll); Chinese Dynasty Maps (Minneapolis ...

Ancient China Maps - China Travel


Ancient China Maps: a collection of ancient China maps, about China dynasties, ancient China cities, ancient Chinese Silk Road, and so on.

Geography - Ancient China


Challenge · Ancient China home page. * Staff Room · Link to copyright page ... The map you have selected. is not loaded yet. Please be. patient. It will load ...

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The Han Dynasty Map - Ancient China Maps - China Highlights


The Map of the Han Dynasty covers the Han Dynasty's territory, and the Silk Road during the Han Dynasty. Click the maps below for a single-page view.

World History Timeline Civilization: Ancient China - TimeMaps


See the historical origins of Chinese civilization through the rise and fall of its earliest dynasties, with overviews, maps and timelines.

World History Timeline History of Ancient China1500 BC - TimeMaps


History, map and timeline of Ancient China in 1500 BC, when the Shang dynasty rules the Yellow River region.