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Ancient Greek Games for Children
The ancient Greek adults loved to play games. After all, they were the ones who started the Olympic Games. But Greek children played games as well, many of them similar to what children play today. Games were not just for fun, but were used to test... More »
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Children of Ancient Greece - History Link 101

Indroduction to Ancient Greek Children. ... Babies born in ancient Greece often had a difficult time surviving. Many died in the first couple days of life; therefore, ...

BBC - Primary History - Ancient Greeks - Growing up in Greece

Sons and daughters. Many Greek parents wanted boy children. A son would look after his parents in old age. A daughter went away when she married, and had ...

Ancient Greek Children for Kids and Teachers - Ancient Greece for ...

When a baby was born in ancient Greece, it was a cause for celebration. The Greeks loved dance. So of course they had a dance the father did, holding his new ...
By N.S. Gill , GuideMarch 19, 2011 In the ancient Greek world, citizenship laws, like the one associated with Pericles in 451/50 B.C. requiring that citizenship be conferred only on children of two Athenian parents suggest that there was understanding that bot... More »
By N.S. Gill, Guide

Women Children and Slaves - Ancient Greece

Women, Children and Slaves. NB: The following focuses on life in Athens. For info on this theme as it applies to Sparta, see 'Spartan Life'.

The Role of Children's Games in Ancient Greece - Hood Museum of ...

Ancient Greek children played games strikingly similar to many of the games children play today. They played with hoops, rattles, and knucklebones, a toy from ...

Children in Ancient Athens | Ancient Athens

Most of the information known about these children and adolescents has been gleaned from ... There was no word in ancient Greece that referred to the family.

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Children were abandoned and left to die if they were disabled and baby ... Ancient Greece was dangerous as disease was rife and children were particularly ...

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The first decision of any father was whether or not to keep his child. In Greece ( and later in Rome) keeping a child was a conscious choice. In most cases if the ...

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Q: Ancient Greek Children?
A: Children spent the majority of their time with their mother. They stayed in the women’s part of the house. While they were being raised, girls would receive the... Read More »
Q: What did ancient greek children look like?
A: they were small and clean and beautiful. sometimes babies went naked but in the winter they cover up. Read More »
Q: What toys did ancient greek children play with?
A: they played with yo-yo. Read More »
Q: How are kids today like ancient Greek children?
A: Religion was important to the ancient Greeks because they believed Read More »
Q: What would happen in ancient greek children If...?
A: You seem to think that people lived in nuclear families then. In fact, the extended family was the rule. As the other answerer said, aunts, uncles and cousins w... Read More »