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Culture of Japan


The culture of Japan has evolved greatly over the millennia, from the country's prehistoric ..... A wide variety of types of popular entertainment are available. There is a large selection of mu...

History of Japan


Two of Japan's most famous forms of entertainment, sumo wrestling and Kabuki ... According to mythology, Japan's ancient history is tied to the sun goddess, ...

Japanese Culture - Entertainment - Kabuki Theater - Japan-Zone.com


An introduction to Kabuki - traditional Japanese theater. ... greatly influenced by the aristocratic noh, kabuki was largely popular entertainment for the masses.

Kyoto Traditional Entertainment, Japan - Intrepid Berkeley Explorer


in modern Japan, except at formal events such as weddings and on stage. To the right is a Gagaku or ancient Japanese court music dancer, whose style is many ...

Kemari - Ancient Japanese Soccer/Football - Tokyo Times


Kemari is an ancient Japanese sport originally from China which is a mix of ... later that cuju was adopted by the upper class as a form of entertainment. In Japan ...

Japanese Traditional Music [ History of Japanese Traditional Music ]


From the earliest stages of Japanese history, poetry and song have been very important ... By the end of the ancient period at the end of the Heian period, the instrumental .... Copyright 2002 Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

Japan Entertainment - Japan Guide


The Japanese entertainment industry is one of the world's largest and most innovative, and despite the culture and language barrier, various forms of Japanese ...

Samurai - Japanese Warriors - Japan Guide


Apr 11, 2014 ... About the samurai, the Japanese warriors and member of the military ... as well as traditional entertainment and live ninja and samurai shows.

Kagura - The Japanese Ancient Sacred Music


Sep 15, 2004 ... Kagura: The Japanese Ancient Sacred Music ... performance intended as an offering and an entertainment to the ancient gods of Japan.

Fast Facts: Japan | Scholastic.com


A Japanese bride wears an ancient hairstyle, now usually a wig rented for the .... Movies and television are the chief sources of popular entertainment today.

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Japanese Culture - Entertainment - Musical Instruments


An introduction to the traditional drums, stringed instruments, and flutes of Japan.

Japanese Culture - Entertainment - Bunraku - Japan-Zone.com


A guide to Bunraku, traditional Japanese puppetry.

Japanese performing arts | Britannica.com


The varied and technically complex dance and theatre arts of Japan. Among ... dance that lured the sun goddess Amaterasu from the cave in ancient myth. ... to the cities and performed as court entertainment and called dengaku (“field music” ).