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Greek contributions to Islamic world


Greece played an important role in the transmission of classical knowledge to the Islamic world and to Renaissance Italy, and also in the transmission of medieval Arabic science to Renaissance Italy...

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Islam: The Ultimate Source of Knowledge. - Answering Christianity


The ignorant Europeans of the 'Dark Ages' were civilized by the knowledge ... Why did Christians destroy books when Muslims preserved the ancient knowledge? ... Yet most Christians today are totally unaware that Church history conceals a ...

11 Most Impressive Libraries from the Ancient World - OnlineCollege ...


May 30, 2011 ... These intellectual institutions make knowledge and education ... clay and kept them preserved for millennia, though the wax reads did not fare so well. ... as the biggest, most influential ecclesiastic library in the ancient world.

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Read about the Ancient Sumerians and Babylon. ... The most complete version of the epic was preserved on eleven clay tablets in the collection of the 7th ...

Knowledge of Greek and Greek Texts During the Middle Ages (Circa ...


has preserved parts of its ancient hoard of Greek books even up to the present day. ... had the most notable monastic libraries of the Italo-Greeks; the Cathedral  ...

Pythagorean Knowledge In Ancient Babylonia - Egypt Origins


It covered what is now mostly the modern state of Iraq. ... The language is also preserved in inscriptions from ancient Phoenician colonies, especially Carthage,  ...

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stones. The precious thing we seek is 'ancient knowledge' which is far ... Mathematics makes for rather tedious reading for most people, so it is not included in ...

It Takes a Monk to Save a Civilization - Research - Chalcedon


Great libraries, like that of ancient Alexandria, were vulnerable to destruction, and with the ... the knowledge, thought, and poetry of whole cultures were subject to extinction. For a time, about all that stood between the preservation of European ... been on the edge of the progress and forward tug of history — most of the time.

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In fact, they sought not only to preserve classical Greek medicine but also to develop ... The most important figure to bridge the medical knowledge of the ancient ...

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What exactly is meant by the Dark Ages? There's a period in Western European history when ... The West also, for the most part, lost knowledge of Greek, which was the language of intellectual enquiry in the Classical world. .... "Dark Ages", it was in its monasteries that most ancient knowledge was preserved and the Churc...

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These crystals were taken deep within the Earth to be stored and preserved. ... Most of the native peoples have lost the exact literal memory of this emergence, but within the highest ranks ... The Ancient Knowledge - Is Rising to Consciousness ...

Medieval Monasticism as Preserver of Western Civilization


May 31, 2008 ... It was the century when ancient Greek and Latin manuscripts preserved in ... The practical arts, agriculture were two of their most significant enterprises. ... which specialized in other fields of knowledge besides literature.