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These translators from Syriac were mostly Nestorian and Jacobite Christians, working ... empire lost many Greek manuscripts which were not preserved by monasteries. ... Most knowledge of Greek durin...

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Ancient knowledge was preserved mostly by? ... Monks preserved ancient culture by copying down Greek and Roman Works and history of what they did in he ...

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The West also, for the most part, lost knowledge of Greek, which was the .... it was in its monasteries that most ancient knowledge was preserved and the Church ...

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Sep 26, 2012 ... In Freemasonry, the ternary is the most sacred of all the mystical numbers.” ..... Luckily, the wisdom was preserved for posterity through the formation of ... However, we can rediscover the ancient lost knowledge for ourselves, ...

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The ignorant Europeans of the 'Dark Ages' were civilized by the knowledge ... Why did Christians destroy books when Muslims preserved the ancient knowledge? ... Yet most Christians today are totally unaware that Church history conceals a ...

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It covered what is now mostly the modern state of Iraq. ... The language is also preserved in inscriptions from ancient Phoenician colonies, especially Carthage,  ...

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Most of the native peoples have lost the exact literal memory of this ... the Druids in England were all preserving their knowledge underground as well. The Druids were preserving the ancient Atlantean information, as were the Egyptians.

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Writing is the only way that knowledge could be preserved, and it was .... Fortunately, over the years it stood, mid-eastern scholars, mostly Arabs, did copy some ...

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Some ancient peoples, such as the Hopi and Maya in America and the Hindu of ... The Bock Saga: A very ancient song cycle has been preserved by the Boch ... mostly content themselves with anomalies and blank spots in our knowledge of ...

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Retrospective Conversion of Ancient Knowledge: Issues and Challenges: .... Most people lack the technical knowledge handle and preserve manuscripts.

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Q: Ancient knowledge was preserved mostly by?
A: The Greeks and Romans and the Egyptians. As the Muslims moved into the areas formerly held by these cultures, they found, translated, copied and made available ... Read More »
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Q: Ancient knowledge was preserved mostly by.
A: Muslims. Read More »
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Q: Who did the most to preserve the scientific knowledge of the anci...
A: The Christian monks did the most to preserve the knowledge of the ancient world in general. Scientific, medical,and philosophical works were copied and saved if... Read More »
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Q: How did monks preserve ancient knowledge?
A: You are referring to a time before the printing press. This would have been from the seventh to the thirtheenth century AD. There was a written language, but pa... Read More »
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Q: How did monks preserve ancient knowledge?
A: Generally, they didn't. They preserved the text of the Bible in Latin, by making new handwritten copies of it. They preserved the theological writings of the ea... Read More »
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