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A gladiator was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and ..... The earliest Munera (ancient Rome) took place at or near the tomb of the deceased and these were organise...

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Mar 4, 2014 ... Get the facts on the enigmatic men-at-arms behind Ancient Rome's most notorious form of entertainment.

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Nov 6, 2012 ... Although the first privately organised Roman gladiator contests in 264 BCE were to commemorate the death of a father, the later official ...

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Roman Clothing worn by the people of Ancient Rome including Gladiators Clothing. ... The protective clothing worn by the gladiators were designed in many  ...

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Roman gladiators fought bare-chested, but they wore canvas loincloths to ... tendencies of the Roman empire, soldiers were housed in leather tents, often ...

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roman Who Were Gladiators: Gladiators were combatants who fought ... and wild animals during the time of Roman Republic and Roman Empire. ... The ethnicity of gladiators was also evident from the way they were dressed and armed.

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The first recorded gladiatorial combat in Rome occurred when three pairs of gladiators .... with honor to uphold” (The Sorrows of the Ancient Romans: The Gladiator and the ... Some gladiators did not fight more than two or three times a year, and the best ... They probably began their matches on horseback, but they ended in ...

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Visit the Romans site for interesting history, facts and information about Gladiator Fights. History, facts and information about the Romans, Ancient Rome, the ...

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Gladiator history began with the first recorded gladiatorial fight which was staged in ... Why did Gladiator History and gladiatorial combat relate to the Roman ...

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A: It sucked. CONS: You were a slave (citizens competing as gladiators would lose their ... Gianluca Pica, Lover of Ancient Rome and its great inheritance. Writte... Read More »
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Q: Gladiators: Were there moral objections to the gladiatorial games...
A: Was there any kind of public opposition movement ... Seneca wrote disparagingly of the games. There's some dispute as to whether his disgust is primarily d... Read More »
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A: Similarities: They are competitions; Live audiences watch in stadiums; They are/ were held for reasons beyond solely being entertaining (profit vs. gaining ... Read More »
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Q: What did ancient Roman gladiators wear to fight? - Quora
A: There were many types of gladiators back then, the mosf famous ones being the Murmillo, Thraex, Retiarius and Samnite these men wore little to no ... Read More »
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A: There were many amazing gladiators who fought in Roman times and it would be ashame to ... Originally from Gaul (modern-day France), this formidable gladiator ... Read More »
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