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Andy Warhol was an American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. His works explore the ...

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Sep 4, 2014 ... 10 most famous paintings by Andy Warhol including masterpieces which made Pop Art a phenomenal art movement. Know about the best ...

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Artworks and analysis: Andy Warhol's screenprinted images of Marilyn Monroe, ... with which Warhol established his reputation as a Pop artist in the early 1960s.

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Probably the most famous of all Andy Warhol portraits, Turquoise Marilyn was bought by impressionism and contemporary art collector Steven Cohen back in ...

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Browse the best of Andy Warhol art, including paintings and artwork for sale ... As famous for his quips as for his art—he variously mused that “art is what you can ...

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Jun 6, 2016 ... It's a continual debate when it comes to the life of artist Andy Warhol. ... Warhol's other famous pop paintings depicted Coca-cola bottles, ...

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Discover facts about the artist, film-maker and author Andy Warhol. ... Andy Warhol © Warhol was an US painter, film-maker and author, and a leading figure ... His studio, known as the Factory, became a meeting point for young artists, actors, ...

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Andy Warhol's art resonated with an affluent culture of the 1960s: a time when American ... Ads were becoming more sophisticated and appealing to the consumers' ... Why did Andy Warhol paint Campbell Soup cans? .... Fame and Mass Popularity: Who became famous directly due to affiliation with Andy Warhol ? What was ...

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Jun 25, 2013 ... Warhol is one of the most well-known twentieth century artists (and in .... In the usual meaning of those active verbs, Andy Warhol did none of these. .... And in the words of Koestenbaum: “Warhol's decision to become a painter ...

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Q: What is Andy Warhol's most famous piece? - Quora
A: Sep 17, 2015 ... The iconic Campbell soup cans are likely the most famous Warhol piece because ... Who has the most expensive Andy Warhol painting? Read More »
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Q: Andy Warhol created a number of paintings of celebrities (e.g. .....
A: Some of the celebrities Warhol depicted do have a deeper meaning than others and can be seen as being, in a way, related to the artist's car crash series: ... Read More »
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Q: What is the meaning of Andy Warhol's pop art of Monroe and Ma...
A: Aug 27, 2013 ... Firstly, Warhol's use of repetition should be seen as a formal device. The term formal ... It should also be noted that although Warhol wa... Read More »
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Q: To what extent did Andy Warhol employ others to paint for him? Is...
A: Nov 19, 2014 ... As Werner has written, Andy Warhol had many employees who helped him with his ... Is it possible that some paintings that are thought to be Wa... Read More »
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Q: Why is Andy Warhol such a divisive artist? - Quora
A: Andy Warhol's work has a lot of appeal because the subject matter is so familiar. Some people ... He attended art school and became a commercial artist, cr... Read More »
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