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Intermittent explosive disorder - Wikipedia


Intermittent explosive disorder (sometimes abbreviated as IED) is a behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the  ...

Intermittent explosive disorder - Mayo Clinic


Intermittent explosive disorder involves repeated, sudden episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts in which you react ...

Signs and Symptoms of Anger-Related Issues – Causes and Effects


Individuals who have trouble controlling anger or who experience anger outside of a normal emotional scope can present with different types of anger disorders.

Treating intermittent explosive disorder - Harvard Health


Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is characterized by disproportionate rage responses, leading to serious harm through violent words or deeds. Several…

The Link Between Bipolar Disorder and Anger - Mental Help Net


Focusing on these strengths and supports allows the client to have additional means of coping with anger and other symptoms of bipolar disorder.

NIMH » Intermittent Explosive Disorder Affects up to 16 Million ...


Jun 5, 2006 ... A little-known mental disorder marked by episodes of unwarranted anger is more common than previously thought, a study funded by the ...

NIMH » Borderline Personality Disorder


Studies show that people with this disorder may see anger in an emotionally neutral face and have a stronger reaction to words with negative meanings than ...

Intermittent Explosive Disorder Basics | Child Mind Institute


Children with intermittent explosive disorder (IED) exhibit short episodes of intense, uncontrollable anger or aggression with very little or no apparent cause.

Angry Kids: Dealing With Explosive Behavior | Child Mind Institute


Angry kids lashing out can be scary and difficult for parents to manage. Tips for ... Related: Quick Facts on Intermittent Explosive Disorder. If your child has a ...

Intermittent explosive disorder in adults: Treatment and prognosis


Jul 27, 2016 ... Patients with intermittent explosive disorder are periodically unable to ... outbursts are impulsive, unplanned, and/or a response to anger.

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Symptoms & Signs of Intermittent Explosive Disorder


Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is an impulse-control disorder characterized by sudden episodes of unwarranted anger. The disorder is typified by hostility, ...

Anger Disorder: What It Is and What We Can Do About It ...


It is a classic anger disorder. According to a recent study by sociologist Ronald Kessler at Harvard Medical School, this anger disorder is on the rise, and may be  ...

Is Rage a Mental Disorder? - Live Science


Jul 21, 2010 ... The science community is struggling to classify a mental disorder that makes people lash out in verbal and violent ways.