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Animal hoarding is keeping a higher-than-usual number of animals as domestic pets without ability to properly house or care for them, while at the same time ...

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Do you know someone who has more animals than he or she can care for? Animal hoarding is a complex mental health, animal welfare and public safety issue.

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Animal hoarding is a complex and intricate issue with far-reaching effects that encompass mental health, animal welfare and public safety concerns.

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Animal Hoarding is a website dedicated to educating the public about animal hoarding, characteristics of animal hoarding, through animal hoarding photos, ...

How Animal Hoarding Develops


Animal hoarding research has used several models to understand how animal hoarding develops, the addictions model, the obsessive compulsive model, the ...

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In terms of the number of animals affected and the degree and duration of their suffering, hoarding is the number one animal cruelty crisis facing companion ...

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CONFESSIONS: ANIMAL HOARDING gives you an unflinchingly honest look at a human condition that affects people and animals.

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The existing literature on the hoarding of animals by human beings has been written by officials of the Humane Society of the United States and animal shelter  ...

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Animal hoarders—once described as “collectors” whose good intentions had gone awry—are now recognized as individuals whose mental illness or ...

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How does it cause animal suffering? Animals in hoarding conditions often suffer extreme neglect, including lack of ...