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The Lernaean Hydra was an ancient nameless serpent-like water beast that had nine heads and poisonous breath so virulent that even its tracks were deadly. The Hydra of Lerna was killed by Heracles as one of his Twelve Labors. ... More »
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Hydra (genus)


Once fully extended, the tentacles are slowly manoeuvred around waiting for contact with a suitable prey animal. Upon contact, nematocysts on the tentacle fire ...

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Dec 22, 2015 ... Tentacled hydra may be immortal in perfect conditions, according to a new study that finds no sign that these animals lose fertility or become ...

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Hydra, genus of invertebrate freshwater animals of the class Hydrozoa (phylum Cnidaria). The body of such an organism consists of a thin, usually translucent ...

Hydra Budding Contributed by J. Houseman Green hydra; green color derived from symbiotic algae. Contributed by J. Houseman More »
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A hydra is not much more complicated than that - it's a cylinder of cells two cells thick. The cells are specialized so that the inside cells know to go on the inside ...

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Video of Hydra! Hydra is the name of a many-headed water beast in Greek Mythology…but it's a real animal too! Hydra is a cnidarian; It is exclusively a ...

Information on Hydra


If disturbed, a hydra will contract its body and tentacles, so that it now ... the basal disc produces a gas bubble which carries the animal up to the water surface.

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Scientific Name: Coelent. Number of Species/Distribtuion The Hydra is found within inland freshwater systems in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. There are ...

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Mar 1, 2007 ... So, you just said that a hydra is not an animal, but then turned ... and looking at the "hydra eating daphnia" video. a voracious one at that. .
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Q: What color is an animal called hydra?
A: A hydra depending on the species can be a multitude of colors, green is just the most common. Read More »
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Q: Why is a hydra an ivertebrate animal.
A: the hydra is a inverbrate because it mother was one. Read More »
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Q: What characteristics make a hydra an animal?
A: The hydra is heterotrophic, meaning it needs to obtain food. It can't produce its own food unlike plants. They have a saclike digestive cavity. They have radial... Read More »
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Q: What animals eat hydra.
A: giraffes. Read More »
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Q: Why animals like hydra and sponges do not need a circulatory flui...
A: Because they are the orginisums which can live without blood . aaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddd rrrrrrreeeeeessssssstttttttt ooooooofffffff hhhhhhooooooommmmmmmmmwwwwoo... Read More »
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