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Hydra (genus)


Hydra /ˈhaɪdrə/ is a genus of small, fresh-water animals of the phylum Cnidaria and class ... Once fully extended, the tentacles are slowly manoeuvred around waiting for contact with ...

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Dec 22, 2015 ... Tentacled hydra may be immortal in perfect conditions, according to a new study that finds no sign that these animals lose fertility or become ...

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Hydra, genus of invertebrate freshwater animals of the class Hydrozoa (phylum ... The hydra known to zoologists is a small aquatic animal only about 1.2 inches ...

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May 29, 2009 ... This is a time lapes video of a brown hydra from Chautauqua Lake in New York, showing typical movement. ... it's a plant or a animal??.

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If disturbed, a hydra will contract its body and tentacles, so that it now ... the basal disc produces a gas bubble which carries the animal up to the water surface.

This Animal Tears Its Face Off to Open Its Mouth – Phenomena: Not ...


Mar 8, 2016 ... There's a small, tentacled freshwater animal called a hydra, whose mouth disappears every time it closes. I really mean that: it disappears.

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Nov 9, 2007 ... Hydra is a genus of simple, fresh-water animals possessing radial symmetry. .... Triops cancriformis may therefore be the "oldest living animal ...

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Jan 30, 2015 ... Scientists believe that the hydra may be able to eternally resist going ... of less than half an inch in length, they are marvels of the animal world.

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SpeciesHydra americana. SpeciesHydra beijingensis. SpeciesHydra ... The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides! Read more.

Absurd Creatures: Hail Hydra, the Incredible, Maybe-Immortal Animal


May 9, 2016 ... In fresh water all over the world lurks a creature that may just be immortal: the hydra. It's got kind of a jellyfish thing going on, with tentacles it ...

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Apr 20, 2016 ... A hydra is not much more complicated than that - it's a cylinder of cells two cells thick. The cells are specialized so that the inside cells know to ...

Meet the hydra, an animal that rips itself a new mouth every time it ...


Mar 10, 2016 ... Imagine sitting down to a nice dinner with friends and family. Then, when the food is fully served, everyone suddenly rips their faces open to ...

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Video of Hydra! Hydra is the name of a many-headed water beast in Greek Mythology…but it's a real animal too! Hydra is a cnidarian; It is exclusively a ...