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No matter which continent, grasslands support a wide variety of animal life. Large numbers of birds, grazing mammals, reptiles, insects and predators live ...

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Grasslands are home to many of the world's grazing herbivores and fast moving predators that eat them. The most magnificent and impressive inhabitants of the ...

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Animal Adaptations: The animals that live in grasslands have adapted to dry, windy conditions. There are grazing animals (that eat the grass), burrowing animals ...

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Animals. Temperate grasslands have a low diversity of wildlife, but a high abundance of ... This means that they are usually found between deserts and forests.

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Each of the big three large, flightless birds -- the ostrich, the rhea and the emu -- live in grassland habitats. The ostrich (Struthio camelus) is the world's largest ...

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Grasslands lack the trees and heavy bush to hide many creatures. Because of the open landscape and the widely spaced trees, grasslands are home to large ...

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Grasslands feature a unique and diverse climate, which provides a home for some of the most strange and distinct animals. Grasslands have a special c...

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Bumble bees live all over the United States and in every grassland you could find , but Bombus bimaculatus is native to the state of Iowa. In the summer they ...

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Meadowlarks – They are most common in native grasslands and prairies and other grassy areas like temperate grasslands. The eastern meadowlarks will breed ...

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Animals that live in temperate grasslands must adjust to dry terrain in which just 10 to 30 inches of rain falls per year, making temperate grasslands less diverse ...

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About a quarter of the earth’s landmass is covered in grasslands, which are areas with enough annual precipitation to support grasses but not enough to grow forests. Found on every continent but Antarctica, grasslands are usually in the middle of... More »
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Grassland ecosystems can support high densities of grazing animals. They are home to many familiar and fascinating species that live in herds, including zebras  ...

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Grasslands are habitats for grazing animals like buffalo, elk and whitetail deer in North America and zebra and antelope in Africa, where herds support predators ...

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Learn about life for the animals of the world's grasslands. ... This elusive turtle can be found in wetlands habitats near prairies and dunes. Mole cricket. © Flickr  ...