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preceding; prior: an antecedent event.
a preceding circumstance, event, object, style, phenomenon, etc.
Grammar. a word, phrase, or clause, usually a substantive, that is replaced by a pronoun or other substitute later, or occasionally earlier, in the same or in another, usually subsequent, sentence. In Jane lost a glove and she can't find it, Jane is the antecedent of she and glove is the antecedent of it.
Logic. the conditional element in a proposition, as “Caesar conquered Gaul,” in “If Caesar conquered Gaul, he was a great general.”
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In grammar, an antecedent is an expression that gives its meaning to a pro-form A proform takes its meaning from its antecedent, e.g. Ava arrived late because ...

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Define antecedent: grammar : a word or phrase that is represented by another word (such as a pronoun) — antecedent in a sentence.

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An antecedent = the word, phrase, or clause that a pronoun can replace.

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Antecedent definition, preceding; prior: an antecedent event. See more.

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Antecedent is an earlier clause, phrase or word to which a pronoun, another word or a noun refers back to. Broadly speaking, antecedent is a literary device in  ...

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An antecedent is a thing that comes before something else. You might think rap music has no historical antecedent, but earlier forms of African-American spoken  ...

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The word antecedent means to go before in Latin. It gets its name from the idea that a pronoun refers to something previously mentioned in the sentence. Look at  ...

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a thing that existed before or logically precedes another... Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.