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Anti-Semitism in France has become heightened From the late 20th century into the 21st ... Expressions of anti-semitism were seen to rise during the Six-Day War of 1967 and the French .... Antisemitic threats are defined as covering speech acts, threatening gestures and insults, graffiti (inscriptions), pamphlets and emails .


Apr 26, 2017 ... France saw a dramatic decline in anti-Semitic attacks during 2016, but ... reports highlighted a rise in xenophobic and racist attacks overall.


Apr 22, 2016 ... As France grapples with radical Islam and a rise in anti-Semitic acts, a growing number of Jews are choosing to settle in the British capital.


Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe: History Repeating Once Again ... bigoted views toward Jews in France, Belgium, and Germany, where anti-Semitic violence has  ...


Stressing that anti-Jewish attacks have become the predominant form of racist attacks in France the report notes that,. "The 30-percent increase in racist acts ...


Apr 17, 2016 ... In Wake Of Increasing Anti-Semitic Attacks, More Jews Flee France ... France and moving to Israel, partly because of an increase in violence.


Jan 18, 2016 ... ... violent wave of anti-Semitic words and acts in France threatens the ... for the 30 percent increase in “racist acts” between 2013 and 2014, ...


May 31, 2016 ... (The victims of the Kosher store terror attack. Photo: AFP). France has the largest Jewish population in Europe, estimated at 500,000 to 600,000 ...


Jan 25, 2016 ... The overriding reason Jews cite for leaving France as a steady rise in the rate of ... amid rising anti-Semitism and fears of more Isis-inspired terror attacks ... A Jewish man walks past a French soldier standing guard outside the ...