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An antibody (Ab), also known as an immunoglobulin (Ig), is a large, Y-shaped protein produced mainly by plasma cells that is used by the immune system to ...

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Oct 13, 2014 ... By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD. Antibodies are large Y-shaped proteins. They are recruited by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign ...

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Antibodies play a key role in the immune system. They begin the process of getting rid of the invaders that may cause harm or infection. This...

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What is an Antibody? Learn about the structure of an antibody, features of monoclonal, polyclonal antibodies, how to make your own antibody.

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Antibodies, also called immunoglobulins, are large Y-shaped proteins which function to identify and help remove foreign antigens or targets such as viruses and ...

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Jul 31, 2015 ... Antibody, also called immunoglobulin, a protective protein produced by the immune system in response to the presence of a foreign substance, ...

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Antibodies are made by B-lymphocytes and circulate throughout the blood and lymph where they bind to their specific antigen, enabling it to be cleared from ...

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Antibodies are specialized proteins that defend against foreign substances in the body. They are produced by white blood cells known as B cells that develop ...

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