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Coolant and colors: What are car makers up to? - Automotive ...


Jun 20, 2012 ... Confusion continues over coolant colors for cars. Of course, there is still ... Unfortunately, there is no universal, standardized coolant color code.

Which Antifreeze is Right for Your Vehicle? | Chilton's Blog for ...


Jun 6, 2013 ... Today, with different antifreeze technologies, what color antifreeze is best? ... The owner's manual or maintenance chart from ChiltonPRO.com ...

Antifreeze Dye Color Guide - WEBA Technology Corp


Antifreeze Dye Color Guide. When ordering, give the name of the additive package that you will be using and the dye color/code. DYE COLOR: STANDARD ...

Top it Up with Green? Or Orange? Which Antifreeze? - Column - Car ...


The old technology, a.k.a. "conventional," a.k.a. "inorganic," is green in color. Most of what you see on the shelves at Wal-Mart and AutoZone is conventional, ...

Antifreeze / Coolant | Prestone®


Prestone® Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is compatible with ANY antifreeze/ coolant – regardless of color – for use in ALL makes and models of cars.

Can you mix orange antifreeze with green antifreeze? | Reference.com


Orange antifreeze should not be mixed with green antifreeze because they are not compatible. If mixed ... What is a good engine coolant antifreeze chart? Can you mix ... The color of antifreeze coolants varies depending on the manufacturer.

Universal Coolants - Auto Diagnosis Repair Help


You cannot go by the color of the dye in the coolant because two coolants with similar colors may have ... Traditional North American GREEN antifreeze, the original universal formula that everybody used until the .... TROUBLE-CODES. com ...

Antifreeze Dye - Coolant Dyes - Chromatech Inc.


Chromatech's antifreeze dyes and coolant dyes are designed to help you manufacture your coolant ... Download Color Chart of Dyes for Antifreeze and Coolants ...

OEM Premium Extended Life BLUE Antifreeze/Coolant - Recochem ...


Click here to find the right coolant for your vehicle make and model! FORMULATION FEATURES: Silicate, borate, nitrite & amine free. PRODUCT COLOR: Blue.

Help & Advice | Which antifreeze should you use for your car?


Learn more about antifreeze and which type to use in this short guide. ... Antifreeze is going to go right into the heart of your car's engine, so choosing the right ... Never miss the latest offers, vouchers codes and useful articles free with the ...

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Choosing The Right Coolant - Popular Mechanics


Mar 28, 1999 ... You don't carry a jug of antifreeze with you, so instead of doing anything, you ... The parts store now stocks three colors: yellow, green and orange. .... As you can see from the chart, pure ethylene glycol will freeze at essentially ...

True Colors - Machinery Lubrication


I saw you put it in, and it is the same color, transparent pink. So it must ... Today, antifreeze/coolants come in many colors and each signifies a purpose. It can be ...

Antifreeze Coolant Application Chart - San Carlos Radiator


Antifreeze Coolant Application Chart. For Passenger ... Automaker Approved Chemistry means the coolant chemistry: • Is the same as ... Product Color: Yellow.