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How to Use Patent Numbers to Date Antiques and Collectibles


Biddington's provides a list of patent numbers cross-referenced with the dates they were issued to help in determining the age of antiques and collectibles. ... BRITISH PATENT NUMBER SEARCH · United States Patent and Trademark Office

Issue Years and Patent Numbers


Feb 18, 2016 ... Table of Issue Years and Patent Numbers, .... That file may be accessed from: http://www.uspto.gov/patents-application-process/patent-search/ ...

U. S. Patent Date List : Robinsons Antiques


U.S. patent date chart. this chart will help you find the year an item was patented if you know the patent number, also design patents. Brought to you by ... U.S. Patent search link above takes you off RobinsonsAntiques.com site. English Registry ...

Meeker's patented-antiques.com Patent Date Chart


patented-antiques.com Buys & sells antique tools, transits, theodolites, surveying ... Below is a chart giving the year and patent numbers issued during that year. ... Here is the link to Google's Patent Search. http://www.google.com/patents It is ...



You may browse our patent archive by selecting the appropriate browse method ( by Company, Category, Issue Date, or Patent Number). You can also search ...

Dating Antique Clocks Using Patent Numbers


Dating American Clocks by Their Patent Numbers. Parts found in many American clocks may be marked with one or more United States patent numbers.

How to use US Patents to Identify Age and other Information ...


Oct 20, 2010 ... Patent Information found on antique bottles can be an excellent ... to check the patent number on your bottle with the following patent date chart.

How to Get Patent Drawings - Jitterbuzz


You must realize that free and open information is the Enemy of the Antique Dealer -- his (her) whole ... area, click on the phrase "Patent Number Search".

Dating Antique Bottles


Dating antique bottles - just how old is my bottle? ... If your bottle is American and has a patent number, check out this Table of U.S. Patent Numbers to help date ...

Patents of invention - The National Archives


You will need to know the patent number and year of issue. ... Search Google Books using keywords 'Bennett Woodcroft' to find copies of some of these indexes ...

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Patent Sites for Collectors


Aug 17, 2014 ... Individual sections of the Patent Search Information Site detail how ... a patent was issued when you find a patent number on a collectible item. ... Doug and Linda's Antique Site: Butter Churns, Milk Bottles & Cream Separators.

Dating an Item by its Patent Number | eBay


Below is the year of the of the first patent number. By looking at the patent number and figuring out what years it was patented one can date an antique. Although ...

How to Look Up Patent Numbers Online - Midwest Antique Fruit Jar ...


Have you ever run across a bottle, or other antique, with a patent number stamped on it ... q On the page that pops up, under “Services,” click on “Search Patents.