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In meteorology, virga is an observable streak or shaft of precipitation falling from a cloud but evaporates or sublimates before reaching the ground. A shaft of ...




What is moisture in the sky? ran or percipitaiton .... rain falls from the sky at any speed depending on how heavy it is the heavyer the faster. 4 people found this ...


... clouds are saturated , and can't hold any additional moisture,precipitation falls to the ground. ... Any moisture that falls from the sky is called what?


How are heat and moisture distributed around earth? Ocean currents as well as winds distribute ... Any moisture that falls from the sky is called? precipitation.


Moisture that falls to earth after being mixed with wastes from burned fossil fuels? acid rain ... Any moisture that falls from the sky is called what? Precipitation.


Moisture falling from clouds is known as precipitation. ... Does dew fall from sky or clouds? dew drops are form ... Any moisture that falls from the sky is called?


noun. a large amount of snow and ice that suddenly falls down a mountain ... hail. noun. rain that freezes in the sky and falls to the ground as small balls of ice ...


Detailed forecasts from the Eye on the Sky Weather Team at Fairbanks Museum ... Freezing Rain - Rain that falls in liquid form and then freezes upon impact with the ... Ice Crystals – According to the Glossary Of Meteorology, 2nd Edition, “any one of a .... Once a funnel cloud reaches the ground it is then called a tornado.


Water changes from a liquid to a gas form, called water vapor, through a process called evaporation. ... Imagine hail the size of softballs falling from the sky!