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Apr 10, 2015 ... Though our cycles are unique to our bodies, they also react to exterior forces, some of which can induce your period to come early. This is a ...

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In addition to disrupting your menstrual cycle, they can cause other long-term health problems. .... Do not do anything over the top to try to get onto your period.

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Feb 7, 2014 ... Being a girl isn't always fun. Periods can be messy and painful, and if you are missing one, it can be even more stressful than having one.

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A woman's menstrual cycle (timeframe: about 28 days) takes the body to experience some physical changes that allow for reproduction. Menstruation, commonly ...

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Included in the menstrual cycle is the 'period', which can be 2 to 8 days in length. ... Women may decide to induce their period in order to control when it occurs.

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Jan 20, 2014 ... Filed Under hormones, menstrual cycle .... The problem is attempting to induce when menstruation is not due – you can't speed-up the cycle or ... I wanted to hear something like “do 17 jumping jacks and you'll be all set to go”.

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Methods to induce a period include using birth control pills, herbs, vitamin C, eating certain foods, exercise, stress reduction or sexual intercourse, according to ...

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In such cases also, large doses of vitamin C can be used to induce periods and .... C of these vitamins caused me to start my light period today (2 weeks early).

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The average woman has a menstrual cycle that ranges from 24 to 34 days, although there are many women who have longer or shorter cycles. Once your period ...