New 3 digit codes for DVD - GE universal remote control codes

DVD codes for GE/Jasco three digit universal remote controls purchased after August 2002. ... APEX, 386, 390, 391, 392, 401, 424, 430, 436, 439, 445, 457, 459.

4 digit DVD and DVD Recorders - GE universal remote control codes

DVD and DVD Recorder Codes for GE/Jasco 4 digit universal remote controls. ... APEX, 0386 0390 0391 0392 0424 0430 0436 0439 0445 0457 0459 0938 ...

Remote Control Programming Codes - DVD | SkyBest TV

Remote Control Programming Codes - DVD ... Amstrad 0713; AMW 0872; Ansonic 0774 0759; Apex Digital 0672 0799 1100 1056; Arcam 0732; Arena 0852 ...

RC: Codes for APEX dvd players? - Remote Central

Hola! I've got a ONE4ALL Cinema 7 Universal Remote #URC-7800 and an APEX DVD Player #DV-R200. Does anyone have a working code ...

Apex AD600A Help - Remotes Homepage - HiFi Remote

To program the Apex DVD player on your Radio Shack or One For All remote, there are several steps involved. Basically you will be using the TV device code ...

Apex DVD player Univerals Remote Codes | Techlore

I have looked EVERYWHERE in my hometown and on the internet for a universal remote code for my APEX dvd player. I have managed to find ...

I Need The Universal Code For An Apex DVD Player? - Blurtit

I need the codes for an apex dvd plyer AD-28000 I have a universal remote that I have I have a hard time seeing I can not see the small number's on a the other ...

DVD Player Remote Codes - Universal remote codes

DVD Player. Aiwa = 0641, 1912. Anam = 1913. Apex Digital = 0672, 0717, 0755, 0794, 0796, 0797, 0830, 1100, 1915, 1937. Audiovox = 0790. B & K = 0655

Universal Remote Code for APEX DVD Players???? - New Gadgets ...

I have a universal remote with DVD capabilities and the APEX is not listed under manufacturers. I was wondering if anyone new what the 3 digit ...

GE Universal Remote Codes and Instructions | direcTutor

Enter the three or four digit code for your device using the number buttons in the GE ... Aim the remote at the device (TV, VCR, DVD, etc.) ...... APEX, 0938.

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