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Apple scab


Apple scab is a disease of Malus trees, such as apple trees, caused by the ascomycete fungus Venturia inaequalis. The disease manifests as dull black or ...

Apple Scab Fact Sheet


Apple scab is the most economically destructive disease of apples in the world. In the Northeast it is usually not possible to produce apples commercially without ...

Apple and Pear Scab Management Guidelines--UC IPM


Apple and pear scab are two different diseases that look very similar and are controlled in similar manners in home gardens and landscapes. Both cause ...

Managing apple scab on ornamental trees and shrubs : Yard and ...


Importance. Apple scab is a very common disease, and one of the most aesthetically damaging diseases of several ornamental trees and shrubs in Minnesota.

Apple Scab on Tree Fruit in the Home Orchard - Purdue Extension


Purdue extension www.btny.purdue.edu. Apple scab on tree Fruit in the Home orchard. Janna Beckerman. Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Purdue ...

Apple Scab, caused by Venturia inaequalis


I. Introduction: Apple scab is of major economic importance in the mid-Atlantic region. If not controlled, the disease can cause extensive losses (70 percent or ...

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Apple scab occurs everywhere in the world where apples are grown and causes more losses than any other apple disease. It is most serious in areas that have ...

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Apple scab is a foliar fungal disease caused by Venturia inaequalis. It is not considered a serious threat to crabapple or apple trees; however, repeated annual ...

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A serious disease of apples and ornamental crabapples, apple scab attacks both leaves and fruit. The fungal disease forms pale yellow or olive-green spots on ...

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Apple Scab is one of the most common diseases that attack apple trees. ... When a tree is attacked by Apple Scab, the fruit is often malformed and cracked and ...

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Q: How to Treat Apple Scab.
A: Apple scab is caused by a fungus (Venturia inaequalis) that grows in the spring on apple tree detritus such as fallen leaves and fruit. As the weather turns rai... Read More »
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Q: What is apple scab disease?
A: ( ′ap·əl ¦skab diz′ēz ) (plant pathology) A plant disease caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis that may cause premature defoliation, June drop of young frui... Read More »
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Q: How to Get Rid of Apple Scab.
A: Apple scab is a fungal disease that affects both edible and ornamental apple tree varieties. The fungus typically develops in late summer and causes the fruit a... Read More »
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Q: Crabapple Tree: Is this apple scab?
A: It is probably Cedar Apple Rust. I would take it back. See links. http://www.mobot.org/gardeninghelp/plant. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/focus/cedar. http://pla... Read More »
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Q: Crabapple Tree: Is this apple scab?
A: sounds like apple rust this will look like yellow, orange or red spots on the leaves. This is a fungal disease that can be transmitted by other trees like cedar... Read More »
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