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Red, green, yellow and brown; sweet, tart, mellow, spicy; firm and crispy or soft-textured and sweet.  Apples can be classified as baking, dessert or eating apples, and cider-making apples... More »



Apples were brought to North America by colonists in the 17th century, and the first apple orchard on the North American continent was planted in Boston by ...

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Akane apple · Photo of Akane. One of the best early-season apples, better known in the USA than Europe, but would appeal to European tastes too.

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Apples belong to the Rose family of plants and are joined in that family by a wide range of very popular foods, including apricots, plums, cherries, peaches, ...

Now, new reports suggest that Apple is testing a 4G-capable iPhone, but no one knows for sure whether this high-speed capability will in fact be available on the forthcoming iPhone 5. According to a story on Boy Genius Report , "Apple's carrier partners are testing iPho... More »

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Apples range in color from lemony yellow to bright yellow-green to crimson red. Their textures range from tender to crisp, their flavors from sweet to tart and from ...

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Two pounds of apples make one 9-inch pie. Apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan. 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States.

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You may have heard about the recent USDA approval of the Arctic brand non- browning apples. Here is some information from the USDA and the US Apple ...

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The Best Apples for Baking & Best Apples for Cooking. In the EatingWell Test Kitchen, we're partial to McIntosh and Granny Smith for baking. When the softer ...

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Select firm, smooth skinned apples, free from bruises. For cooking or baking use: baldwin, cortland, northern spy, rome beauty, winesap, and york imperial.

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