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Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc.


DESMI-AFTI (formerly Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc.) was organized in 1988 to continue the development and marketing of oil pollution control equipment ...

Peter Lane - Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc


Formerly Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc. Peter Lane has been involved with the oil spill industry for more than 40 years and brings a unique combination of ...

Storage - Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc


Response and rapid deployment boom needs to be stored in a manner consistent with the way in which it is going to be used.

About - Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc


AFTI is a leading provider of oil spill clean-up equipment and emergency response plans.

BoomBoxes - Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc


Even synthetic fabrics are susceptible to rot if they are subjected to prolonged storage in warm, damp conditions. DESMI-AFTI's BoomBoxes are constructed ...

GlobeBoom - Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc


AFTI - Oil Spill Containment Technology. ... GlobeBoom<sup>®</sup> is available in five different fabrics to match different operating conditions and budgets. It is offered in ...

Applied Textiles


USA. Textile testing services for contract and residential textiles, and test method development services. Also, supply chain management, and warehousing and ...

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Lamor Group Lancer Industries Inc. MAR, Inc. Maritime Development Group ... CHS, Inc. ConocoPhillips. Crucial Inc. Desmi-Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc.

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We exclusively test fabrics, PU/PVC and leather materials. ... a large company that's run out of capacity or an international company looking for distribution in the ...

EDXRF | XRF for Woven & Nonwoven Fabric - Applied Rigaku ...


Rigaku Corporation, | ... Rigaku, Products, Applications, Technology, Downloads, Contact ... Fabrics fall into two broad catagories: wovens and nonwovens.

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Applied Fabric


Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc. is a specialized supplier of boom, oilboom, oilfence and other oil spill cleanup/containment systems.

Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc. - Oil Spill Containment Technology


DESMI-AFTI is always looking for. talented and dedicated individuals. Contact Andy Nash at +1-716-662-0632 for information on positions available.

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News & New Developments from dESMI-AFTI. M. may - 2013. DESMI-AFTI, Inc. is proud to announce the commissioning of their new Cosmos Kabar RF Welding ...