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Aqua axes 3% cashback credit cardshould you ditch and switch? ... American Express credit card holders can get money back on a host of in-store purchases.

New Nationwide balance transfer credit card tops best buys


Feb 20, 2014 ... Credit card users looking for a new balance transfer card should ... Aqua axes 3 % cashback credit cardshould you ditch and switch?

0% credit cards: interest free up to 27 mths - MSE


If you spend on cards but don't repay in full, try interest-free credit cards up to 27 months. See best deals on 0% credit cards on Money Saving Expert. ... Aqua 4mths 0% .... Everyone else should pick the cheapest long-term low rate. All the .... in the Tart Alert Tool and you'll be sent a text or e-mail reminder to ditch and ...

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Credit Card Charges: Full guide to reclaim £100s · Credit Card Freebies: ..... if you can · Aqua axes 3% cashback credit cardshould you ditch and switch?

Credit cards for bad credit: rebuild your credit - MSE


If you don't have a poor credit history, check out our other Credit Cards guides. ... Aqua Advance: Reducing APR + £20 vchr; Aqua Reward: 0.5% cashback .... by 5 % a year if you manage your account well, so in three years time it should be a ..... Npower to cut gas prices by 5.2% – but you can still save more by switching.

Credit Card Protection & insurance - MoneySavingExpert


Use right, credit cards can pay you to spend, plus give travel insurance, ... Ditch your fix? ... You could get extra ID fraud protection, extended warranty, cashback and ... Spend overseas on a normal credit card and you'll be charged a 3% 'load' - so ... Aqua credit card customers who hold the Aqua Classic*, Aqua Advance*,...

Travel credit cards: the best credit cards to use abroad-MSE


Ditch your fix? ... Get a specialist travel credit card and you can spend overseas knowing you've ... lowest interest rates and no fees; Aqua – designed for poorer credit scorers ... fee onto the exchange rate, typically around 3%, so spending £ 100 of foreign ... If you think any cards should be added to the tool, please email us.

Identity Theft Protection: With credit cards - Money Saving Expert


Ditch your fix? .... With cashback sites and free trials, you can even get paid to check. ... ID fraud protection should come automatically with all credit cards, but some ... Aqua credit card customers get automatic protection provided by Noddle, .... MSE's Big Energy Switch Event 4; Be my (cheap) Valentine Valentine's deals ...

Reject credit card rate hikes: Fight unfair rate-jacking! MSE


Cashback Credit Cards · Cashback Eligibility Calc · Credit Card Freebies · Airline .... Step 1: Ditch and switch; Step 2: Don't pay late; Step 3: Ways to halt the .... most credit card companies instantly ditch the cheap deal, fine you £12, and jack .... so even if you have missed or made late payments, this sho...

Should you cancel old credit cards? - MoneySavingExpert


How to cancel a credit card and whether you should or not - this Money Saving Expert guide ... To ditch old credit cards, or not ditch old credit cards? .... Get cashback and rewards ... Halifax c.0% for 9 months for a 3% fee OR 6.95% life of balance .... Npower to cut gas prices by 5.2% – but you can still save more by switching.

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Aqua axes 3% cashback credit cardshould you ditch and switch?


Nov 15, 2013 ... Aqua is slashing the amount you can earn in cashback on its credit card from 3% to 0.5% in January.

Capital One axes cardholder cashback. Are you hit?


Apr 7, 2015 ... However, for the first three years the EU's cap will not apply to ... When we asked Amex if it had any plans to axe its cashback cards, it said ... Will other providers ditch cashback cards? ... "Santander 123's cashback is integral to its offering, so I suspect it's unlikely to go and Aqua uses it to ta...

Cashback News - Money Saving Expert News Service


Shoppers using Quidco can now earn rewards on top of cashback, but you have to ... Aqua axes 3% cashback credit cardshould you ditch and switch?

RBS axes its YourPoints credit card reward scheme: Are you hit?


Apr 16, 2015 ... RBS has revealed it's scrapping its YourPoints credit card reward ... Ditch your fix ? ... can earn from 1 June (see the Capital One cashback card holder? ... on time, you should always repay any credit card on time and IN FULL. .... but this version doesn't help MoneySavingExpert.com: Amex, Aqua, Satander.

Cashback credit cards: 5% for 3 months - MoneySavingExpert


Don't spend on debit cards - earn money with a top cashback credit card. ... Ditch your fix? ... Cashback credit cards pay you every time you spend on them, possibly ... Amex: 5% back on all spending for 3 mths; Aqua (poor credit): 0.5% cashback ... The firm should honour it, but call after a week or so and check it's worked.