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Freshwater Snails - Aquarium Care Basics


Freshwater Snails can be fascinating inhabitants in an aquarium. Hobbyists often add freshwater snails as tank cleaners with the intent being they will be algae ...

Aquarium snails you DO want in your tank! – Aquariadise


Apr 2, 2014 ... Aquarium snails are pretty underappreciated and underrepresented on most aquarium websites. They're usually seen as pests instead of an ...

What to do About Aquarium Snail Infestations | RateMyFishTank.com


May 1, 2014 ... Though they may look harmless, one aquarium snail can quickly turn into dozens or even hundreds. If you are dealing with an aquarium snail ...

Types of Freshwater Aquarium Snails | RateMyFishTank.com


Mar 9, 2014 ... When it comes to snails in the freshwater aquarium, not all of them are bad. Read more to learn the benefits of aquarium snails as well as what ...

Identifying Aquarium Snails - Aquarium Tidings


Apr 4, 2015 ... Learn how to identify the many types of snails that you might find in freshwater aquariums.

All efficient ways to get rid of aquarium snails - Meethepet.com


May 20, 2015 ... Usually, snails get into a new tank as eggs or as adult species brought together with tank plants, decorations or when removing fishes.

Snail Species List .:. Freshwater Aquarium Snail Species Information ...


Page containing links to all of the Freshwater Aquarium Snail Species.

Care of Freshwater Aquarium Snails | Animals - mom.me


Aquarium snails are interesting shellfish that provide a natural and effective means of cleaning your aquarium. Snails eat decomposing plants and algae that  ...

Freshwater Snails - Petco


The unique characteristics and wide variety of Freshwater Snails provide an appealing addition to your aquarium. Freshwater Snails feed on nuisance algae  ...

Aquarium Snails-What to Keep and What to Avoid - FishChannel.com


Jan 6, 2012 ... While some snails can do damage in your aquarium, others are lovely to keep.