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Mar 20, 2013 ... In 2011, Newsweek asked 1,000 Americans to take the standard U.S. ... that most of the public are just too stupid to pick the right candidate.”.


Yes, too stupid. We think we have one, we keep voting Democrat or Republican , we allow a private banking system to control the money, the people allow ...


Feb 29, 2012 ... A study from Cornell suggests many ideas of a modern democracy are too ... 'You have to be relatively intelligent to realise how stupid you are ...


Jun 9, 2012 ... But some advocates of the “too dumb for democracy” thesis have taken ... doesn't it seem rather self-evident that stupid people will invariably ...


Feb 4, 2015 ... ... the American people are not informed or smart enough for democracy. ... The earliest critic of democracy, an Athenian known as the Old Oligarch, wrote that ..... All people everywhere are too stupid to have a Democracy.


I really appreciate Joel V Benjamin's answer, because it provides what I consider to be the absolute opposite end of the same answer that I'm going to provide.


Nov 10, 2016 ... Human Rights Expert to U.N. Chief: It's Not Too Late to Say … ..... Democracy is supposed to enact the will of the people. ... It's not that people are stupid. ... In fact , average Americans have completed more schooling now than ...


Nov 12, 2014 ... Days before he revealed the multiple deceptions involved with President Obama's healthcare law, MIT professor Jonathan Gruber again called ...


Mar 9, 2012 ... The United States may be a republic, but it's democracy that Americans cherish. ... In other words, stupid people are too stupid to know how stupid they are. ... It would appear then that democracy dooms us to mediocrity and ...


Jun 27, 2016 ... only about 34% of Americans can even name the three branches of the ... and what that means for public policy debates and American democracy. ... using the term political ignorance you do not mean stupidity or apathy.