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Jan 9, 2013 ... Apple is preparing a more affordable, pared down iPhone to be sold in emerging markets, according to the latest speculation.


Jan 28, 2016 ... Apple is reportedly preparing to release an entirely new iPhone. ... phone size that Apple hasn't done for a new model since the iPhone 5S in 2013. ... that Apple's newest phones are simply too expensive for most people.


Mar 18, 2016 ... Apple's next event is happening Monday, March 21st, when we're expecting it to unveil a new iPhone, a new iPad, and likely a bit more. ... that Apple has been at work on a new 4-inch iPhone, its first since the iPhone 5S in 2013. ... Despite the smaller size, this isn't going to be a cheap, low-end device.


Sep 29, 2015 ... Apple could launch a low-end iPhone before it releases its next flagship ... Apple hasn't released a new low-end iPhone since it released the iPhone 5C in 2013. ... up the idea that Apple could be planning to release a cheaper iPhone ... those who want an iPhone with Apple's more modern metal design but ...


Sep 13, 2013 ... Millennials are planning to take more risks when it comes to investing .... 13, 2013, 11:55 AM; 9,058 ... Since Apple's iPhone market share has declined to roughly 14% (largely because (1) Apple has ... If you are selling a high-end (or more expensive) product such as the iPhone, and you have lower-priced ...


Jul 29, 2013 ... Millennials are planning to take more risks when it comes to investing .... 29, 2013, 11:37 AM; 244,308 ... The reality is that the iPhone 5C might not be all that cheap, though. ... on pricing, but most reports suggest it's going to be $350 or more, which would make it a mid-tier phone instead of a cheap phone.


Jan 21, 2013 ... Monday 21 January 2013 06.42 EST First published on Monday 21 January 2013 06.42 EST ... Today, many suggest Apple should launch a low-cost iPhone. ... The $80.73 Kyocera Rise runs the much more modern 4.0 (Ice ...


Apple Planning To Save On Cheaper iPhone With Plastic Body [Rumor] ... supply chain for the second half of 2013, if Digitimes's sources are to be believed. ... phone outright(as opposed to the US where contracts are seen as more affordable, ...


Aug 12, 2013 ... Company lines up cheaper smartphone, dubbed iPhone 5C, and next ... Monday 12 August 2013 10.17 EDT First published on Monday 12 August 2013 10.17 EDT. Apple is thought to be planning the release of two new phones on 10 ... that "where iPhone 5 continues to be the most popular iPhone by far, ...


By Killian Bell • 8:10 am, January 9, 2013 ... It's thought that a more affordable iPhone from Apple will help the Cupertino keep up with rivals like Samsung and ...