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Why Are Boys/Men not allowed to hit girls/women? | Yahoo Answers


Mar 27, 2008 ... Best Answer: This is obvious. Women, will always be the weaker of the spiecies. Female animals in general are much weaker. in our society... it ...

Hitting Girls: Wrong or O.K.? - Youth Voices


Personally I feel that guys shouldn't be able to hit girls. I feel ...... It should not be allowed, i think it is already illegal, buts still people should do ...

Is it ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman? | Debate.org


Debate whether or not it is ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman. Voice your opinion and ... Other than that i see no reason why a girl should hit a guy period. If you hit me like a .... to hit a woman. The ONLY times when it is allowed are, 1.

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Jan 27, 2014 ... Are guys legally allowed to defend themselves against girls? .... I grew up and learned if a woman hits a man with her fist one time or slaps him ...

Children are taught that hitting girls is bad. Why aren't they taught ...


... kid (we all know that girls can be bullies too), he is allowed to hit back anyone, ... As a result, I definitely see a higher incidence of girls hitting boys than boys ... Some boys being taught not to hit girls won't question it and will pass that along.

CollegeNET Forum - Should Girls Hit Men?


Do you think it is acceptable for a weak girl to hit a guy in anger, even when ..... Girls should only be allowed to hit ON men not actually hit them.

Is it ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman in self-defense? - Quora


I'm going to break with the majority of answers here which seem to be of the opinion, "don't hit ... NOTE : This is different from In which situations should a man be allowed to hit a woman? because that one is a general question, and this asks .... "You can't hit me coz I'm a girl" is completely opposed t...

How do feminists feel about men not hitting women because they ...


This feminist™ here, and some of my feminist™ friends, are sick of the arrogance with which ... When a boy hits a girl at school he is often ridiculized for not daring to hit someone of his category. When a boy fights another boy and is not good at  ...

The Double-Standard: Is Women Hitting Men Ever Okay? - Jezebel


Mar 18, 2009 ... The truth is, I've hit boyfriends in anger. I'm not ... and the fact that it seems unlikely he was in real jeopardy - but then, he's obviously a bad guy.

Why do girls think it's okay to hit guys? : AskReddit


Aug 26, 2011 ... So why do girls (drunk girls especially) think it's okay to slap guys in the face when ..... If you're allowed to hit me, I'm allowed to hit you back.

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Why aren't boys allowed to hit girls? | Yahoo Answers


Jan 12, 2010 ... No one ever says that you aren't allowed to hit boys. Not that hitting in general is good, but for some reason, hitting a girl is worse than hitting a ...

Fox News doctor says men are allowed to hit women now because ...


Jul 8, 2015 ... Keith Ablow told "Fox & Friends" that a man should never hit a girl, even if that means banning co-ed sports.

Are boys allowed to hit girls - Answers.com


According to the law, no one may hit anyone for anything other than self defense, so no.