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Some butterflies have parasitic relationships with organisms including protozoans, flies, ants, other invertebrates, and vertebrates. Some species are pests ...

Butterfly School: What is an invertebrate?

What few of us realize, however, is that the overwhelming majority of life on earth is comprised of a type of animal known as an invertebrate. Invertebrates Graph ...

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Butterflies. The large, vividly coloured wings and fluttering flight typifies the butterflies which are closely related to the mostly night-flying moths.

Is a butterfly an invertebrate? |

According to the University of Arizona, butterflies belong to the phylum Arthropoda and subsequently classify as invertebrates. Butterflies are insects that go ...

Are butterflies vertebrate or invertebrate - Answers

Invertebrates. Butterflies are what is classified as an insect. Insects have no vertebrae; instead they have an exoskeleton.nope.


The invertebrate life of the Garden is very numerous and diverse and include many species of butterflies and moths, flies, aphids, spiders, dragonflies, bees and ...

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The most recognizable invertebrates on the Endangered Species List include, the Karner blue butterfly, blackburn's sphinx moth, and the oyster mussel.

What is an invertebrate?

Invertebrates are a group of animals that have no backbone, unlike animals such ... CLASS, Insecta, All insects e.g. grasshoppers, bugs, beetles, flies, butterflies.

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Zoom Butterflies is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about butterflies. ... Phylum Arthropoda (arthropods, invertebrate animals with an exoskeleton, ...

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Q: Are butterfly's invertebrates?
A: Yes. All Insects are invertebrates, meaning that they have no backbone. Read More »
Q: Are butterflies invertebrates?
A: Yes, butterflies are what is classified as a 'bug'. And 'bugs' have no vertebrae, instead they have an exoskeleton. Read More »
Q: Are all butterflies invertebrates?
A: Anything that doesn't have a spine is an invertebrate. Do butterflies have spines? A 5 year old could answer this question. Read More »
Q: Is a butterfly an invertebrate?
A: A butterfly is an insect of the order Lepidoptera, and thus an invertebrate. Read More »
Q: Are butterfly is invertebrates?
A: Yes, a butterfly is an inveterate and has no backbone because it is an insect. All Read More »