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Theobromine poisoning


Theobromine poisoning or chocolate poisoning is an overdose reaction to the xanthine alkaloid theobromine, found in chocolate, tea, cola beverages, açaí berries, and some other foods. Leth...

Chocolate Poisoning in Cats | petMD


Chocolate is derived from the roasted seeds of Theobroma cacao, which contains certain properties that can be toxic to cats: caffeine and theobromine.

Harmful Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat: Tuna, Milk, Raw Fish ...


Feb 1, 2016 ... WebMD's slideshow, Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat, shows in pictures the most dangerous and toxic foods that your cat can eat.

Chocolate Poisoning in Cats | Feline Nutrition - Cat-World


Can my cat eat chocolate? This article explains the effects of chocolate poisoning in cats.

Why are cats and dogs allergic to chocolate? - Quora


It's not that they are allergic, they're just very sensitive to the effects of methylxanthines, one of which (theobromine) is present in chocolate. The darker the ...

10 Human Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs and Cats - Vetstreet


Mar 6, 2014 ... Human foods like chocolate, avocados, garlic and onions can be ... Grapes and raisins can cause acute (sudden) kidney failure in cats and ...

Why Chocolate is Bad for Dogs - Today I Found Out


Feb 15, 2011 ... Cats also are particularly susceptible to poisoning from chocolate for the same reason dogs are. ... tagged with chocolate facts, dog allergies.

Can Cats Eat Chocolate? - Litter-Robot


Feb 1, 2016 ... The short answer is no, cats should never eat chocolate. But why not? .... Cat Allergies: Why are so many people allergic? There may be no ...

Is Chocolate Bad For Cats? - Care.com


Oct 27, 2015 ... "Fortunately, cats consuming chocolate is a much more rare incidence ... What do you use in place of milk in your diet if you have an allergy?

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs and Cats


Sources, signs, immediate care, and veterinarian care of an exposure to chocolate.

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Are Cats Allergic To Chocolate? - Animal Questions.org


Just like dogs are allergic to chocolate, so are cats. Chocolate poisoning or Theobromine poisoning is an overdose reaction to the alkaloidtheobromine that.

Why Chocolate is Toxic for Your Cat - Vetinfo.com


Cats and dogs will develop severe allergies and can even die from the ingestion of chocolate. The main reason for that is a compound in chocolate ...

Why Are Dogs Allergic to Chocolate? - Pets


Dogs' bodies react badly to several of the ingredients in chocolate. If your hound has ... What Chemical Is Found in Chocolate That Is Poisonous to Dogs & Cats?