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Poinsettias Poisonous to Cats, Dogs - Toxicity of Poinsettias to Pets


Feb 24, 2011 ... Though they have a bad rap, poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) plants are only mildly toxic to cats and dogs.

Poinsettias and Pets - Pet Insurance


Cat sits next to poinsettia plant ... you've admired them from a far, worried that your dog or cat may gnaw on the leaves and succumb to the plant's deadly poison. ... Changing seasons also bring budding poisons and blossoming allergies.

Can Poinsettias Kill Your Cat? | Care2 Healthy Living


Dec 23, 2011 ... What happens if your cat takes part in some holiday overindulgence with the poinsettia plant? Not to worry, she may get sick, but poinsettias are ...

Is Poinsettia Really Poisonous? - WebMD


Every holiday, parents worry about their little ones eating poinsettia leaves. But eating this plant isn't as bad as you might think.

Are Poinsettias Toxic to Dogs and Cats ? - HubPages


Oct 14, 2013 ... Learn how dangerous poinsettias can be to dogs and cats and what to do if they ingest the plant. Find out what the ASPCA has to say about ...

What Are the Symptoms When a Cat Eats a Poinsettia Leaf? - Pets


Not many things can be more intimidating than the notion of your precious cat innocently biting into a poisonous plant, whether in your home or outside in the ...

Are Poinsettias Poisonous to Cats? | PetCareRx


Nov 21, 2013 ... Poinsettias are a staple of the Christmas season. However, this plant can make your cat sick, and it's better to be safe than sorry. Learn more ...

Are Poinsettias Poisonous? Here's What You Need To Know


Dec 11, 2015 ... Poinsettia leaves have a bitter taste, yet your dog, cat, bird, rabbit or iguana ... a milky sap that can cause a reaction in those allergic to latex.

Myth-Busting: Pet Dangers - ABC News


Aug 26, 2010 ... If your dog chomps down on a poinsettias, is it going to be OK? ... A few years ago some massive recalls of dog and cat food gave pet owners ...

Holiday Plants That Are Poisonous to Pets - Veterinary Medicine


More about: poinsettias and pets from the Pet Poison Helpline. ... Pet owners should be aware that these plants are very toxic for cats, and sometimes with ...

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Poinsettias and Cats, Dogs - Poinsettias Poisonous to Cats


Poinsettias are only mildly toxic to cats and dogs. Medical treatment is rarely necessary, but if you think your pet has been poisoned, call your vet or ...

Dangerous Winter Holiday Plants for Pets | petMD


There are some types of decorative plants that are toxic to dogs and cats. ... The poinsettia plant's brightly colored leaves contain a sap that is irritating to the ...

17 Plants that Will Kill Your Cat and Why Poinsettias Won't ...


It's possible that poinsettias get the bummest rap in all of the plant world. They?ve got a bad-girl reputation as deadly beauties, but is the ubiquitous holiday plant ...