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Oct 10, 2013 ... Call center offshore outsourcing has gained a lot of attention recently. ... by an external service provider), the savings can be significant. ... but not worth the risk, you should consider a simpler, more cost effective solution.


Offshore call centers aren't a fit for everything…but the cost savings are substantial and worth considering in the proper situation. ... Hiring an external call center, whether it's an offshore or onshore call center, carries some amount of risk.


Apr 6, 2010 ... ... customer call centre services; and finance and accounting services. ... Offshore outsourcing, though potentially more cost-effective, may involve hidden ... the cost savings which should arise from the retention of an offshore ...


achieve average cost savings of 39 percent, with one in four institutions ... human resources, contact centers, call centers, and telemarketing. ... Compliance Risk: offshore vendors may not have adequate privacy regulations. ..... It is worth noting that these examples of potential fraud could as well occur domestically as.


move call centres offshore. Other activities ... the expected cost savings of up to 40% by offshore outsourcing IT .... of value at risk – associated with a particular contract partner – under ..... their jobs to Chinese factories and Indian call centers .


Mar 1, 2004 ... "Executives often are enticed by the labor cost savings of offshore ... without having thought through all of the challenges, costs and risks ... or other frequently outsourced IT processes, such as call centers, ... These expenses average 4 percent of the contract's value for domestic outsourcing and about 8 ...


consider outsourcing all or a portion of their customer call activities. ... How offshore outsourcing affects customer ... of outsourcing, the companies failed to provide any new value/benefit in ... Call centers offer a range of service options, such as fulltime ... Of course, cost savings are still a reasonable goal for an outsourcing ...


Jul 3, 2012 ... U.S.-based call centers are getting smarter about their internal cost structures ... enough to risk communication, cultural and information security problems. ... process outsourcing (BPO) hubs for many basic company functions, ranging ... However, the offshore cost savings remain, and companies have been ...


Feb 11, 2004 ... Although vendors will attempt to bundle infrastructure with "value" services, ... The biggest risk with offshore outsourcing has nothing to do with outsourcing - it ... first year; by the third year, cost savings often reach 35 percent to 40 percent ... Many vendors put call center employees through accent training.