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The ferret (Mustela putorius furo) is the domesticated form of the European polecat, a mammal .... Ferrets are still illegal in California under Fish and Game Code Section 2118 and the California Co...

Ferrets - Illegal pets in California - California Department of Fish and ...


Illegal Pets in California. These are examples of animals that are not permitted to be imported or possessed in California as pets (California Code of Regulations ...

Man leads petition to allow ferrets as pets in California | abc7.com


Aug 17, 2015 ... Man leads petition to allow ferrets as pets in California ... "If you are going to ban an animal that is legal in 48 states that has never had a ...

Help Legalize Ferrets in California - Legalize Ferrets


Offers news on ferret legalization efforts, information on the issues, actions needed and contact details.

Could 2015 be the year of the ferret? | The Sacramento Bee


Dec 30, 2014 ... But all of the turnover in recent elections encourages Wright, who sees a “ paradigm shift” that could finally end California's ferret ban, one of ...

Why are ferrets illegal in California - Answers.com


Ferrets are illegal in California because the California Department of Fish and Game claims that if ferrets are let out into the wild, they would.

States That Do Not Allow Ferrets | Animals - mom.me


In California, ferrets are illegal to sell, import, transport or keep as house pets unless you have a permit from the California Department of Fish and Game.

California Ferret Legalization Initiative (2016) - Ballotpedia


Laws governing recall · Recall elections ... A California Ferret Legalization Initiative (15-0034) did not make the November 8, 2016 ballot ... The measure, upon voter approval, was designed to legalize the ownership of ferrets in California.

Pet owners seek to change California law banning ferrets | Fox News


Feb 13, 2012 ... Ferrets are making criminals out of their owners in California, where keeping the furry animals as pets is against the law.

Will California's Ferrets Ever Get to Come in from the Cold? - SFGate


Apr 1, 2008 ... They're cute, affectionate, furry and playful. There are tens of thousands of them in California, and they're allowed as pets in most countries and ...

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Why are ferrets illegal in California? - Quora


Ferrets were initially outlawed in California in 1933, when they were outlawed under the auspice of being an "exotic animal" which could be detrimental to th...

The Fight to Legalize Ferrets in California | Latest News | Earth ...


Feb 2, 2016 ... Photo by Lynahe Possession of ferrets has been illegal in California since 1933. Three women stood gathering signatures, selling t-shirts and ...

California ferret legalization cleared for signatures | The Sacramento ...


Aug 17, 2015 ... For years the La Mesa resident has been one of California's most vocal champions of the domesticated weasel-like critters, which are illegal to ...