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Rothschild's giraffe


Rothschild's giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) is one of the most endangered giraffe subspecies, with only a few hundred members in the wild.

Giraffes in Danger of Extinction: Why Their Numbers Have Dropped ...


Dec 3, 2014 ... Why Giraffes are in Danger of Extinction. ... two have recently been categorized as “endangered” on the IUCN Red List, a British research group ...

Inside the Fight to Stop Giraffes' 'Silent Extinction'


Jun 25, 2015 ... After successfully handling one of the Gambella giraffes, Fennessy and ... the Nigerian and Rothschild giraffes, are considered endangered, but ...

Giraffes under Threat: Populations Down 40 Percent in Just 15 Years


Nov 24, 2014 ... Fifteen years ago about 140,000 giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) ... the species as of "least concern" but two subspecies as “endangered.

Giraffe | AWF - African Wildlife Foundation


Giraffes are found in arid and dry savanna zones south of the Sahara, .... wildlife conservation and ensure the giraffe does not become an endangered species.

West African Giraffe Conservation | African Wildlife Foundation


The West African Giraffe population is dangerously low. ... Protecting the endangered West African Giraffe. Tags: West African Giraffe, Niger, Regional Parc W, ...

Giraffes? Horses?? 20 Animals You Didn't Know Are Going Extinct ...


Sep 17, 2012 ... When it comes to the Endangered Species List, some animals stand out as ... Giraffes are practically part of the landscape of Africa, standing ...

Africa's Giraffe Becoming Extinct, Population Declines by 40 ...


Jun 20, 2015 ... Many believe that giraffes are roaming around Africa, which is a misconception since they are endangered thanks to poaching. (Photo : Getty ...

African giraffes endangered | Reuters


Dec 22, 2007 ... At least six distinct species of giraffe, the world's tallest land animal, may be in existence and some of them are critically endangered, scientists ...

African giraffes highly endangered: study


Dec 22, 2007 ... Nairobi (AFP) Dec 22, 2007 - Man and mother nature are threatening at least six distinct species of African giraffe, which are highly endangered ...

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FAQs - GiraffeConservation.org - Giraffe Conservation Foundation


Soon we should be able to better understand the mystery of giraffe taxonomy once and for all. For more ... How many giraffe are there and are they endangered?

Are giraffes an endangered species? - Ask.com


Most giraffe species are currently endangered. According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, there were an estimated 140000 giraffes in African in 1999, ...

Giraffe Population Drops 40 Percent in 15 Years : Discovery News


Dec 3, 2014 ... The giraffe population in Africa has dropped about 40 percent in just 15 years, ... PHOTOS: Endangered Giraffe Species Gains New Baby.