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Heart Murmurs Causes, Treatments, Types, and More - WebMD


WebMD explores the possible causes of heart murmurs, as well as treatment options ... It's usually not dangerous, since the valve can work for years after the ...

Heart murmurs Causes - Mayo Clinic


An abnormal heart murmur is more serious. In children, abnormal murmurs are usually caused by congenital heart disease. In adults, abnormal murmurs are ...

When A Heart Murmur Signals Valve Disease


May 20, 2016 ... Problematic heart murmurs are most often related to defective heart valves. Learn more about ongoing care of this condition.

When to Evaluate Heart Murmurs: Johns Hopkins Women's ...


A heart murmur is the sound of blood flowing abnormally through the heart valves . It can be innocent or reflect valve dysfunction or other conditions. Learn more ...

Sports Beat: Is Your Heart Murmur Serious? (Video) - Health ...


Jan 7, 2015 ... In athletes, most murmurs are called physiological, or innocent. ... However, it's also important to know that functional heart murmurs can, ...

What Is a Heart Murmur? - NHLBI, NIH


Sep 20, 2012 ... A heart murmur is an extra or unusual sound heard during a heartbeat. Murmurs range from very faint to very loud. Sometimes they sound like a ...

What Causes Heart Murmurs? - NHLBI, NIH


Sep 20, 2012 ... Most heart murmurs that occur in pregnant women are innocent. ... This serious illness can develop if you have an untreated or not fully treated ...

Heart Murmurs and Your Child - KidsHealth


A heart murmur diagnosis is extremely common. Most murmurs are not a cause for concern and do not affect a child's health.

How Is a Heart Murmur Treated? - NHLBI, NIH


Sep 20, 2012 ... A heart murmur isn't a disease. It's an extra or unusual sound heard during the heartbeat. Thus, murmurs themselves don't require treatment.

Heart Murmur Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options


Heart Murmur - an easy to understand guide covering causes, diagnosis, symptoms, ... Some abnormalities of the heart that create heart murmurs include:.

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Heart Murmur: Is it a Dangerous Heart Condition?: South Florida ...


A heart murmur is an abnormal sound heard between heartbeats that is similar to a whooshing or swishing sound. Heart murmurs are common in infants and ...

Heart Murmur: Sounds and Definition - MedicineNet


Nov 30, 2015 ... Learn about heart murmur sounds, symptoms, treatment, causes, and more. ... Not all heart murmurs are abnormal or dangerous and may be ...

How to Detect when a Heart Murmur is Dangerous


A heart murmur is an abnormal sound heard between heartbeats that is similar to a whooshing or swishing sound. Heart murmurs are common in infants and ...