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But do they make good pets? Pet mice and rats are very playful, social, and intelligent animals that make excellent pets for older children and adults.


If you're looking for an unusual pet with lots to offer, a pet rat or mouse might be right for you. Here are seven reasons why they make great pets:


Sep 18, 2016 ... Children love mice and are exposed to them on television and in the movies. But do mice make good pets for kids?


To keep healthy pet mice, you'll need an enclosure, a secure mouse-carrier, food ... You'd think that a small one would be good for mice, because mice are so ...


A solid cage is a good choice if the room you keep your pet mice in happens to be draughty. If you keep your pets in a room where it's not that easy to open ...


Discusses All The Reasons Mice Make Good Pets. ... Today, in the United States, pet shops sell them as “Feeder mice” – due to their tragic fate of ending up as ...


My kids want a pet rat. ... Are mice and rats the same thing except for their size? ... LOL - peple who have rats claim they are very intelligent and make good pets.


Sep 23, 2014 ... From mice to rats, hamsters to gerbils, when your child asks for one of ... A lone pet like this may be good news if you have only 1 child; this can ...

Feb 23, 2016 ... Hey guys I hope you enjoyed the video make sure to comment rat subscribe like and request videos just like always! Mice make great pets and ...