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Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae - Wikipedia


Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) or carbapenemase-producing ... Hospitals are primary transmission sites for CRE-based infections. ... People most likely to acquire carbapenem-resistant...

Are Nightmare Bacteria Coming to a Hospital Near You? - Mercola


Mar 20, 2013 ... CRE has been dubbed a “nightmare bacteria” by the CDC's Director Tom .... a personal advocate with you when you're in a hospital—someone ...

More bad news about 'nightmare bacteria', CDC says - Vitals


Mar 5, 2013 ... "CRE are nightmare bacteria," CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden told reporters. ..... Also, how many Carbapenem resistant infections have come from farms .... Cant go into them now but be aware of your local hospital, they over ...

'Nightmare' Bacteria Spreading in US Hospitals, Nursing ... - WebMD


TUESDAY, March 5 (HealthDay News) -- A "nightmare" bacteria that is resistant to powerful antibiotics and kills half of those it infects has surfaced in nearly 200 ...

Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria | FRONTLINE | PBS


FRONTLINE investigates the rise of deadly drug-resistant bacteria. ... weeks, an infection would respond to broad spectrum antibiotics, but then come back. ... I also find it interesting that when you do get an antibiotic the doctor doesn't tell you ..... I worked in the pharmacy at the hospital near Pfizer's research facility i...

The “Nightmare Bacteria”: An Explainer – Phenomena


Mar 8, 2013 ... On the other hand, as I pointed out, these nightmare bacteria are killing people, ... about outbreaks at other hospitals, and you just hope it doesn't come here. ... to the infected patients and don't let them get near other patients.

Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria - Transcript | FRONTLINE - PBS


Transcript for the FRONTLINE film Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria. ... took Addie to a local hospital, where they said she had symptoms of a virus. ... I remember sitting there, watching the sun come up and thinking, "How did she get so sick?

Health officials warn of 'nightmare bacteria' in hospitals


Mar 5, 2013 ... "Nightmare bacteria" resistant to the strongest antibiotics are on the rise in the ... " It's not often that our scientists come to me to say that we have a very ... "If you are going into the hospital, you sure as heck would want to know ...

Hospital Acquired Infection - Reduce Infection Deaths


Hospitals here are plagued by the deadliest hospital infection, CRE, which is highly resistant to ... “nightmare bacteria,” because it kills up to 50 percent of infected patients. .... aureus (MRSA) at least one week before you come into the hospital. ... bed linens, call buttons and other surfaces near your bed and they are easily ...

CDC sounds alarm on deadly, untreatable superbugs - USA Today


Mar 6, 2013 ... "These are nightmare bacteria that present a triple threat," said ... CDC officials noted Tuesday that only six states require hospitals ... "I've had to ask patients, ' Do you want a toxic antibiotic and end up on ... There is little chance that an effective drug to kill CRE bacteria will be produc...

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'Nightmare' Bacteria Spreading in US Hospitals ... - HealthDay


Mar 5, 2013 ... 'Nightmare' Bacteria Spreading in U.S. Hospitals, Nursing Homes: CDC ... "The more you use an antibiotic, the more resistance is going to ...

What is CRE? 'Nightmare bacteria' have killed again - CNN.com


Feb 19, 2015 ... The term "nightmare bacteria" doesn't bode well for anyone with it. CRE broke out at L.A. hospital, contributing to 2 deaths. ... Also, if you come down with a harsh bacterial infection after medical treatment in another country, ...

Infections With 'Nightmare Bacteria' Are On The Rise In US Hospitals


Mar 5, 2013 ... "What's called CRE are nightmare bacteria," Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the ... from other patients and sterilizing everything they come into contact with. ... By subscribing, you agree to NPR's terms of use and privacy policy.