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Only Children: Why "Only" Isn't Lonely - Parents


As I got older and met other well-adjusted and successful only children, I couldn't ... Specifically, they're not more spoiled, lonely, selfish, or overly dependent.".

Jenni Murray: The lifelong pain of being a 'lonely only' child | Daily ...


Mar 27, 2013 ... The lifelong pain of being a 'lonely only': As it's revealed one-child families will soon be the norm, JENNI MURRAY mourns the sibling she ...

Only Children: Lonely and Selfish? - The New York Times


Jun 8, 2013 ... But the notion that an only child might be a happy one contradicts strong ... like mine will end up rotten with selfishness and beset by loneliness.

The Adolescent Only Child and Friendship | Psychology Today


May 20, 2013 ... “Does having no siblings mean that our only child will grow up feeling lonely, at a social disadvantage when it comes to making friends?”.

The Only Child Life: 10 Life Realities All Only Children Understand


Dec 24, 2014 ... Being an only child was and remains to be not all it's cracked up to be .... She doesn't complain about being lonely and I guess that's also her ...

The Only Child Myth: Are Only Children Spoiled, Selfish, and Lonely ...


Only children get a bad rap, but recent research suggests they may actually benefit from their parents undivided attention and resources.

What Being An Only Child Says About You, According To Science


Apr 20, 2015 ... Like wearing socks with sandals or eating a taco that is made out of Doritos, being an only child gets a bad rap. Since so-called "lonely onlies" ...

Does Being an Only Child Actually Mess You Up? - VICE


Jun 25, 2015 ... VICE: Let's start at the source: Are parents of only children somehow .... [score] was a little bit lower but they would report not being lonely.

Only Child Experience and Research


I live in Essex, my father passed away 12 years ago and my mum live in Warwickshire. I'm an only child which I do hate be an only child and often find lonely.

Parenting Only Children.... What To Keep in Mind - Dr. Psych Mom


Oct 8, 2014 ... 11 things that parents of only children may want to keep in mind. ... Your child may also feel lonely, even if you play with her all the time.