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Both science and religion are not unchanging, timeless, or static because both are ... have seen compatibility or independence between religion and science.

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Science is not the only way of knowing and understanding. But science ... Acceptance of the evidence for evolution can be compatible with religious faith. Today ...

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But there is an appropriate domain for religion, and in this sense science and religion are not necessarily incompatible. That domain is evocative, expressive, ...

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Jun 23, 2009 ... But there is a prior question, which some of the discussion has touched on: are science and religion actually compatible? Clearly one's stance ...

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Mar 19, 2014 ... Now we have another article on Ecklund's latest research: “New survey suggests science & religion are compatible, but scientists have their ...

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Mar 17, 2014 ... Are science and religion incompatible? That seems like a rational conclusion, especially in the wake of last month's combative evolution-vs.

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www.nhm.org/site/sites/default/files/polychaetous_annelids/Fitzhugh -- Science & Religion -- incompatible.pdf

See my articles available from this web site: Evolutionary Biology versus Intelligent Design: 1. Resolving the Issue, and The Mechanics of Testing a Theory: ...

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Discuss whether you feel that science and religion can coexist or whether ... they are compatible, not whether science is greater or to put down religious thought.

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Theologians, clergy, scientists, and others belonging to many religious traditions have concluded that their religious views are compatible with evolution, and are ...

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Religion and science are indeed incompatible, notwithstanding statements to the contrary by some scientists and theologians. Religion and science both offer ...

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Q: Are science and religion compatible ?
A: No. And your Islamic propaganda is also not going to get any of us buying. Read More »
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Q: Are Science and Religion Compatible?
A: In my opinion they are. I even believe science can be used to corroborate scripture. Many Christians like myself have no problem with a big bang, or God working... Read More »
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Q: Are science and religion compatible ?
A: Yes, I think very much. Look at our own Solar System. 1. The Earth is tilted at ~ 23 degrees which makes the seasons happen. 2. The Earth is just the right dist... Read More »
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Q: Are Science and Religion Compatible?
A: One of the most hotly debated issues of this time is the battle between science and religion. Some scientists would claim that religion couldn't be possible bas... Read More »
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Q: Are Science and Religion Compatible?
A: "The Bible is not meant to be a scientific textbook. Nor is it designed to reveal secrets about primordial history that have no relevance to salvation." Michael... Read More »
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