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Five Myths About Shock Collars, E-Collars, And Remote Trainers


Jul 29, 2013 ... Shock collars are simply torture devices. They are cruel. They damage the relationship between dog and owner. I've never used one and I will ...

Eight Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Shock Collar


For example, many shock collars will administer a beep and/or a vibration as a ..... Unfortunately, now I am tying the dogs up all the time and it feels cruel and ...

Are Shock Collars Painful or Just Annoying to Dogs? A 2004 Study ...


Jan 24, 2011 ... Do shock collars cause pain and fear or just cessation of a behavior? ..... actually objected to saying kicking a dog was an inhumane training ...

Are Shock Collars For Dogs Cruel? - BrightDog Academy


I sometimes just have to laugh because the conversation about shock collars causing pain is so ridiculous. A dog owners gets a shock collar for their dog, but ...

Dog Training: Are Electric Dog Collars Safe Or Cruel? - Aquafind


See the arguments for and against anti-barking dog collars. Are they a useful accessory ... Shock Collars for Dogs: Humane or Cruel? There is a huge range of  ...

What Is Static Correction? FAQs, definitions, and training & safety info


Training collars and other products that use electric stimulation are actually quite .... Electronic collars and other products are completely safe, humane aids to ...

Humane to use shock collars for dog training? | Fox News Video


Humane to use shock collars for dog training? Sep. 13, 2014 - 4:14 - Critics say they're harmful to dogs. powered by. Fox Business Channel Finder. Find the Fox  ...

There's Nothing Shocking About Why Shock Collars Can Be Harmful ...


Oct 6, 2014 ... Many respected veterinarians and dog organizations have denounced the use of shock collars, calling them inhumane and unnecessary.

Why I don't think shock collars are animal abuse - SheKnows


Sep 24, 2015 ... Is shock collar training cruel? Not if you are using a remote collar responsibly.

Companion Animal Psychology: The end for shock collars?


Jun 19, 2013 ... Shock collars (including invisible fences) are already banned in many ...... Even at $100/hr, it is cheaper, more effective and humane than ...

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Dog Collars : The Humane Society of the United States


Oct 17, 2013 ... Not all kinds of collars are appropriate for all (or even any) dogs. Read on to .... Shock collars are sold as training devices and to stop barking.

dogs - Are shock collars an effective and humane way of modifying ...


Dec 4, 2014 ... Do bark collars work for older animals to modify behavior (specifically whining)?. Are they considered humane? Thank you in advance!

The Science of Dog Training: Is It Okay To Use A Shock Collar?


Sep 10, 2014 ... No matter what you call them – shock collars, e-collars, or the more scientific- sounding "collar mounted electronic training aids" – are designed ...