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In a 100-gram serving, dried whole sunflower seeds provide 584 calories and are composed of 5% water, 20% carbohydrates, ...

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Looking for a health-promoting snack? A handful of sunflower seeds will take care of your hunger, while also enhancing your ...

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Healthy sources of fats like those found in sunflower seeds are the building blocks for cell membranes, allow your body to balance hormones, help your...

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Adding nuts and seeds to your diet benefits your health. Individuals who consume these foods on a regular basis enjoy a lower risk of developing cardiovascular ...

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They also contain good-for-you fats, vitamins like thiamin, B6, and E as well as ... Sunflower seeds are a source of key nutrients like vitamin E, folate, thiamin, ...

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Nutty and delicious sunflower seeds are a good source of poly-phenolic antioxidant chlorogenic acid. In addition, the seeds are incredible sources of B- complex ...

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Jun 26, 2013 ... Eating large amounts of sunflower seeds with shells at once may cause severe constipation (obstipation, impaction) and formation of bezoar (a ...

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Dec 18, 2013 ... Sunflower seeds can be found in one of two forms: either within their shell or removed from their shell in the form of a kernel, which is the edible ...

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Jun 14, 2015 ... Sunflower seeds are not only a tasty snack, but are also healthy for you. They contain numerous vitamins and minerals that help your body ...

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Apr 16, 2015 ... Rich in healthy fats and a good source of fiber, protein, iron, vitamin E and several of the B vitamins, sunflower seeds can be a healthy addition ...

Sunflower Seeds
Nutrition Grade
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat 23.7g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 4.1mg
Total Carbohydrates 9.2g
Protein 9.6g
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Aug 28, 2013 ... Sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamins and minerals! Here we examine the nutrients and extraordinary health benefits of this snack.

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Sunflower seeds are a healthy and delicious treat when eaten in moderation. Eating too many, however, may cause some potential health challenges.

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Creating a caloric deficit by eating less than your body needs causes weight loss. Sunflower seeds by themselves do not cause fat gain, provided you stay within ...