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The turkey vulture (Cathartes aura), also known in some North American regions as the turkey buzzard (or just buzzard), and in some areas .... This same behavior is displayed by other New World vult...

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Elsewhere in the world, a buzzard is in the same family as Old World vultures – Accipitridae – in the Buteo genus. In North America, the Buteo genus refers to ...

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While the terms buzzard and vulture are used interchangeably in the United States ... Old World vultures, on the other hand, belong to the same family as raptors.

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Apr 21, 2014 ... The words "vulture" and "buzzard" are used interchangeably in parts of ... and they have the same ecological role as nature's clean up crew.

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May 2, 2011 ... The words buzzard and vulture mean something different in North America and South America than they do in Europe. Buzzards and vultures ...

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Though commonly called buzzards, the birds are actually vultures. The "buzzard" ... even vultures. All those soaring birds were and are in the same bird family, Accipitridae. ... Maybe birds that eat dead things seem repulsive. But my friends ...

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Oct 13, 2008 ... No. Vultures are large, carrion-eating birds. For years, it was believed that all vultures were raptors, members of the order Falconiformes.

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Apr 8, 2010 ... To “soar like an eagle” is a good thing, while “to soar like a vulture” — even though vultures and eagles soar almost exactly the same way — is ...

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Is there a difference? Or are they the same bird with 2 different names? Just wondered..

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There is some terminological confusion here because the word "buzzard" means different ... There is some terminological confusion here because the word " buzzard" means different things in different places. In the UK, and ... One is the old world vultures, which belong to the same family as hawks and eagles. The othe...