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Oct 27, 2011 ... Senseless Drawing Bot is a 4-wheeled graffiti machine, with a ... and art? but can art really be meaningless and random? can you still call it art?



Oct 19, 2011 ... SENSELESS DRAWING BOT Created by So KANNO http://kanno.so + ... @THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO ... 2 Credits. yang02 · So KANNO ... nice ! blog .gaborit-d.com/un-robot-qui-realise-des-tags/ ... Incredible how these trajectories end up being better that actual tags on ... Thank you very much.

Meet The Jackson Pollock Of The Robot Art World | Co.Design ...


A robot that makes graffiti seems to go against the very essence of the craft, and so ... The "Senseless Drawing Bot," by Japanese designers So Kanno and .... Then two users can both wear headsets to connect to the machine at once, ... "It takes around two to three hours to get some clear result, but you feel ... 2 minute...

Cuddlebot by Anna Flagg: Would you snuggle with a robot? [VIDEOS]


Feb 15, 2013 ... Would You Ever Snuggle Up With a Cuddling Robot? 46. By Adam Sneed. The Cuddlebot responds when you pet it ... Cuddlebot was created by Anna Flagg, a Canadian artist and computer scientist. ... mean the rise of therapy robots, designed to help people feel better. ... SENSELESS DRAWING BOT #2.

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Meet The Jackson Pollock Of The Robot Art World ... Senseless Drawing Bot is a 4-wheeled graffiti machine, with a pendulum arm, arduino and ... 2 explores the notion of generative art or art that makes art on its own. .... You know how sometimes drawing can be totally random? ... An industrial style is always a good idea.

Code + Culture: Part 2 - The Japan Times


We track down Internet artists who are using code and virtual tools to dive deeper into ... on the Internet that goes back more than 100 years,” is written in slime- green .... This “Senseless Drawing Bot” has been invited to robot art festivals from .... (in the words of William Gibson) takes, you better start learning to breathe water...

Hacked Roomba Robot Paints Like Pollock | Vacuum Cleaners ...


Japanese artist HYde JII has modified a robotic vacuum cleaner to paint on canvas. ... Two Turntables Are A Drawing Machine | The Creators Project ... Michele Theberge: "Pour, Puddle, Drip Lift, Peel, Cut Crazy Cool Stuff You ... Artist: Recebba Horn Bleistiftmaske / Performance II (1973) ..... Senseless Drawing Robot, 2012.

Battle #103 "Senseless Drawing Bot" via ApiContraption - Reddit


Mar 11, 2014 ... Junk comments distract from this subreddit a lot more than in other ... Weekly Battle | ClosedBattle #103 "Senseless Drawing Bot" via ... submitted 2 years ago * by PhotoShopBattles[M] ... Not only did you steal my idea, you went and did a better job of it. ..... The artist at work in his studio ..... Magical ...

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Jul 3, 2015 ... UK-based stencil artist Mobstr noticed something odd about the way a wall ... What would you do with a can of spraypaint that's invisible by day, ... But then GoDaddy announced its support for SOPA, an extremely .... on 4:39 pm | In related links | Comments Off on More graffiti robots. Senseless Drawing Bot: ...

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Aug 9, 2012 ... Posted November 29th, 2011, 2:11 PM by Matthew Rodriguez. 0 ... I thought the clever imagery was absolutely brilliant, but I suspected it was probably too good to be true and Photoshop ... New robot artist, the "Senseless Drawing Bot" .... If that didn't sell you then, let me try this: three words, skateboa...

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senseless drawing bot 2 by so kanno and takahiro yamaguchi


Feb 1, 2013 ... senseless drawing bot 2 by so kanno and takahiro yamaguchi ... new media artists so kanno and takahiro yamaguchi with their senseless bot here, ... encoder attached to the fulcrum of the pendulum. as the robot sways from side to side, ... of inertia, which then manifests itself erratic painstrokes through the

Senseless Drawing Bot 2: Even More Senseless Than Before


Feb 4, 2013 ... The original Senseless Drawing Bot was great, but this one is even better. ... If you need random artwork on your walls, you can even hire this robot. senseless drawing robot strike 2 photo. Japanese new media artists So Kanno and Takahiro Yamguchi are ... senseless drawing robot strike 2 in action photo.

Robot Driven By Water Pressure Creates Unpredictable Graffiti - PSFK


Feb 8, 2013 ... The Senseless Drawing Bot #2 creates random, colorful designs using spray cans and inertia. ... Japanese new media artists Takahiro Yamaguchi and So Kanno have developed the ... You can see the robot in action in the video below: ... Why Building Better Offices Is The Key To Employee Engagement.