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Chords Lyrics. Intro. E /// | F#m /// | C#m /// | A/E ///. Verse 1. E. Are You list. F#m. ening? Because I can feel. C#m. You. All a. A/E. round me now. E. Are You list.


Kirk Franklin - Are You Listening Lyrics. [** Kirk Franklin Presents Artists United For Haiti:] Are You Listening? (I was hungry...You fed me. Naked...you clothed ...


Aug 25, 2016 ... Are you listening because I can feel you all around me now. Are you listening because I need you to hold me now. You speak to the storm and ...


1 explanation to Are You Listening lyrics by Kirk Franklin: I was hungry you feed me / Naked you clothed me / They will know us by our love.

Dec 21, 2013 ... (Kirk Franklin Presents Artists United for Haiti) God bless Love this song more videos coming soon! The lyrics are not mine( I only put the lyrics ...
Feb 6, 2010 ... Lyrics: Are You Listening? (I was hungry...You fed me. Naked...you clothed me. They will know us by our love. ) Can't image how it felt as you ...


Lyrics to 'Are You Listening' by Kirk Franklin. Jesus You are my joy within / You are the shelter from the wind / You are the forgiver of my sins / Jesus You.


Jul 19, 2015 ... I'm counting down till the tears are over It's not the way we planned it I'm reeling it in Cause you can't seem to see that the truth set you free ...


Are you listening Lyrics: Saw you making eyes with me / Acted like I didn't see / Always trying to play it cool on our company / Hold the camera steady, Dear / Try  ...


Are You Listening is the 1st track on Area 11's second EP Underline. All aboard this ... Lyrics. All aboard this sinking ship. No business here it's just relationships