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Are your clothes made in sweatshops? | Oxfam Australia


If you're wearing anything from Nike, adidas, Puma, Fila or even some of our ... likely your clothes were made in places that most people would describe as ...

The Myth of the Ethical Shopper - The Huffington Post


Our clothes are being made in ways that advocacy campaigns can't affect and in places they can't reach. So how are we going to stop sweatshops now?

Are Your Clothes Made in a Sweatshop? | Alternet


Mar 21, 2013 ... It's been 16 years since Charles Kernaghan made Kathie Lee Gifford cry on national television, revealing that her Wal-Mart-sold clothing line ...

11 Of Your Favorite Clothing Brands That Use Sweatshop Labor - Gurl


May 1, 2016 ... Here are 11 of your favorite brands that have used sweatshops. ... It's harder than ever to avoid buying clothes that were made unethically.

How can you tell if your shirt was made in a sweatshop? - Canada ...


Apr 26, 2013 ... ... brands in the world. It has also led to questions about what consumers can do to determine whether their clothing is made in a sweatshop.

The slave labor behind your favorite clothing brands: Gap, H&M and ...


Mar 22, 2015 ... The slave labor behind your favorite clothing brands: Gap, H&M and more ... No one expects to find paradise inside a Cambodian sweatshop. ... The United States is the top destination for “Made in Cambodia” clothes.

How to tell if your clothes are ethically made - The Tab


Sep 7, 2016 ... Most of us are guilty of not knowing where our clothes actually come from. ... Buying cheap clothing made in sweatshops is a vote for worker ...

'australian made' doesn't mean your clothes are sweatshop and ...


May 13, 2016 ... Our narrow focus on locally made products often means turning a blind eye to the very real problems in Australian manufacturing.

Green America: 9 Cool Ways to Avoid Sweatshops


9 Cool Ways to Avoid Sweatshops. Want to make sure your clothes weren't produced in a sweatshop? — Our National Green Pages™ is filled with screened  ...

5 Tips for Keeping a Sweatshop-Free Closet - Institute for Humane ...


Apr 3, 2013 ... And making your own clothes isn't a gender-specific talent. ... Consumer's Guide” that lists products made under sweatshop-free conditions.