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Zoos may be good or bad for animals, depending on the cleanliness of the facility, quality of the establishment, knowledge of zoo staff and other factors. Arguments supporting keep...

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Sep 18, 2008 ... ... good or bad? You might have asked this while visiting your local wildlife hangout. Learn why zoos are good or bad, depending on perspective.

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In contrast, some zoos have bad conditions for animals such as climate. .... It is cruel if I say that zoos are a good think just because their visitors are happy to see ...

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... lover, and I understand why the circus is bad for animals, but what about zoos? ” ... Many people aren't aware of the cruelty behind zoos, so it's good that you're ...

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Nov 7, 2013 ... On the flip side, no one can deny that zoos do good, and I don't believe that there is anything malicious about them. They engage in research, ...

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Aug 19, 2014 ... However, I am perfectly willing to recognise that there are bad zoos and bad individual exhibits. Not all animals are kept perfectly, much as I ...

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I believe that zoos are good and bad. On the good side I believe that without zoos that many of the animals we enjoy today would not be here. Such as Pere ...

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Feb 18, 2014 ... Debate is ongoing as to the value of zoos and there are certainly both good and bad examples around the world. The main arguments for and ...

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Zoos are good because they keep the animals safe from other animals and from ... to the class, giving both sides, and state why they think zoos are good or bad.

Zoos, good or bad?


I once read an article about an Asian elephant named Calle. She was captured only one year old and spent more than three decades being traded between ...

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Q: Are zoos good or bad?
A: thats the problem they are good and bad some are really bad they dont feed the animals properly they abuse them and then they get taken away and put in a bigger... Read More »
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Q: Are zoos good or bad?
A: Good. Zoos are vital for education, enabling people to see beautiful wild animals that they would never otherwise get to see, and teaching them about the threat... Read More »
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Q: Are zoos good or bad.
A: It is a matter of ones opinion. Some think zoos are good and educational, while others think zoos are bad. I think it depends on the zoo in question. I've seen ... Read More »
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Q: Are zoos good or bad?
A: ....Zoos are Good and Bad,,depending on whether you are looking in or looking out.. Read More »
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Q: Are zoos good or bad?
A: This would depend on the level of care given to the animals. Read More »
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