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The Marine Corps has been a component of the U.S. Department of the Navy since ..... During the War of 1812, Marine naval detachments took part in the great  ...

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While the US Marine Corps is a separate and distinct service branch, it has many close ties to the US Navy, and the Department of the Navy oversees both serv...

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This is why the U.S. Marines are officially listed as part of the Navy, and why the Navy provides transport and support for Marine missions. Clancy also details a ...

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The Marine Corps is one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. The Marines are a part of the Department of the Navy and operate in close cooperation with ...

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Yes, they are part of the Navy. As much as anyone may want to argue the point, the Army and the Air Force don't report to the Secretary of the Navy, but the ...

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Aug 19, 2010 ... Ultimately the Marine Corps IS and more than likely will always be a part of the Department of the Navy. You do not have to like it but you do ...

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Mar 27, 2007 ... The Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy. At an administrative, political and civilian level, the Marines operate beneath the ...

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What's the difference between Marines and Navy SEALs? ... known as Navy SEALs, are the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force and a part of the Naval ...

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Although the Marines are part of the Navy and Marines can be Navy SEALs, not all SEALs are members of the U.S. Marine Corps, and not all members of the ...

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Within the Department of Defense (the Pentagon), the Marines and the Navy both are separate entities under the Department of the Navy, each having its own ...

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Q: Are the marines part of the navy?
A: No, there are four branches of military service Army, Navy, Air force, and Marines. They are separate. Read More »
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Q: Are the Marines a part of the navy?
A: Kind of, the marines doesn't have any medical, thats were the navy comes in. The navy is the marines medical branch. Basically. : Source(s) Navy guy haha. Read More »
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Q: Are the marines part of the navy?
A: No, there are four branches of military service Army, Navy, Air force, and Marines. They are separate. They are a component of the Department of the Navy but it... Read More »
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Q: Are Marines part of the Navy?
A: When using this website please use common sense. The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for p... Read More »
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Q: Are the marines part of the navy or army?
A: Neither. The Marine Corps is its own entity in the armed forces. Read More »
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