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An arête is a thin, almost knife-like, ridge of rock which is typically formed when two glaciers erode parallel U-shaped valleys. The arête is a thin ridge of rock that  ...

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An arête is a thin, crest of rock left after two adjacent glaciers have worn a steep ridge into the rock. A horn results when glaciers erode three or more arêtes, ...

Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms - More Aretes


This first topographic map contains several different alpine glacial landforms. North is toward the top. The arete, labeled in red, follows the dashed line marking  ...

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An arête is a sharp ridge of rock that is formed between glacially created valleys. The ridge is then made more defined through erosion processes such as ...

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Aretes and Pyramidal Peaks. In highland areas the most obvious glaciers features are usually those created by erosion, not deposition. Features such as corries, ...

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Define arête: a sharp-crested ridge in rugged mountains.

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"sharp crest of a mountain," 1862, from Swiss French arête, from Latin arista ... Arêtes form as the result of the continued backward erosion of adjoining cirques.

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Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms - Arete


Thus one thing to look for when identifying aretes is the existence of glacial troughs on either side of the arete. Aretes may also form between two cirques, ...

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A pyramidal peak is formed where three or more corries and arêtes meet. The glaciers have carved away at the top of a mountain, creating a sharply pointed ...

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