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10 reasons why the Electoral College is a problem | MinnPost


Oct 16, 2012 ... Sticking with the Electoral College system, but not yet plunging into the ... makes a good case against the Electoral College – and Eric Black ...

Arguments against the Electoral College | Science Buzz


Arguments against the Electoral College. No! It's too complicated. A direct election is simpler—just count up all the votes across the country, and whoever gets ...

Top 5 reasons to get rid of the Electoral College - Ventrella Quest


Apr 9, 2013 ... Getting rid of the electoral college means a vote is a vote, no matter where it ... We ended up with a guy a majority of Americans voted against.

Pros and Cons of Electoral College - Newsmax.com


Jul 2, 2015 ... The United States does not elect its presidents by a popular vote, but instead uses an Electoral College process to select its leader, which may ...

5 Reasons the Electoral College Is Bad for Our Country


5 Reasons the Electoral College Is Bad for Our Country. By The ... Simply put, our country operates on a system that goes against the ideals of democracy.

Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College | Huffington Post


Jan 12, 2016 ... It is at this point in the election process that the Electoral College .... Electors that vote against the will of the people are called “faithless electors.

Arguments Made in Favor--And Against--the Electoral


Oct 26, 2004 ... An additional argument is made by George C. Edwards in Why the Electoral College Is Bad for America (Yale University Press, 2004).

Electoral College: Pros & Cons


Arguments for the Electoral College, Arguments Against the Electoral College. Certainty of Results, Can Distort the Popular Choice. Discourages 3rd Parties ...

Defending the Electoral College. - Slate


Nov 12, 2012 ... Against these reasons to retain the Electoral College the argument that it is undemocratic falls flat. No form of representative democracy, ...

electoral college | United States | Britannica.com


Electoral college, the system by which the president and vice president of the United States are chosen. ... Arguments for and against the electoral college.

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Argument For and Against the Electoral College


It contributes to the political stability of the nation by encouraging a two-party system and discouraging the proliferation of splinter parties such as those that have ...

The Electoral College - Pros and Cons


Arguments Against the Electoral College. Those who object to the Electoral College system and favor a direct popular election of the president generally do so ...

Should the Electoral College be abolished? | Scholastic.com


Second, because the Electoral College is "winner take all" in all but two states ... of votes nationally could not be elected against the will of the rest of the country.